Monday, February 15, 2010

So near and yet so far...

Today we went to pick up Ashlea's new wheelchair.  I wasn't hugely excited "just in case" it needed some modifications and we didn't get to take it home today...

Oh My Goodness - I have no idea how what we talked about when we placed the order was translated into what we actually got!!!  The seating system was great, but the chair itself is completely inappropriate for Ashlea - she is unable to reach the wheels and push herself around!  That is the whole point of a wheelchair - independent mobility!!

So - we sent it back to the manufacturer...  Not sure what happens next - hopefully they can exchange it (we tried modifying it with no luck) for something more appropriate.  You can see in this picture that she's not loving it - 'I STUCK' she yelled (translation - Why won't this damn thing move???).


In better news...  tomorrow is my first Tuesday to myself.  No appointments for me, no children at home...a whole 4 1/2 hours to myself - by the time I do all the drop offs and pick ups.  Even though I've had plenty of time away from the children, I haven't had time alone in the house for YEARS.  Almost 6 years.


No one call me...I plan on being very productive asleep on the couch in front of the TV.  All.  Day.


Lacey said...

Oh, I'm excited for your alone day! We are having this same problem with our special needs stroller. Of course he can't push it, but it has no storage space for our suction and feeding pump. The basket underneath is so small it holds nothing! We had them put a tray on so we can put the suction on it. well, that is not working to well either, the suction is still to big. Sheesh, what a waste of 4,000 dollars!

Sarah said...

How frustrating that the wheelchair wasn't right for Ashlea! You know them too well not getting too excited until you saw what it was like.

Hope it can be altered quickly for her. Do you still have the other wheelchair on loan for her to use until then?

Enjoy your "me" time today even if it is just chilling out in front of the TV uninterrupted.

Violet is off preschool sick today, so far she has only been 4 days to preschool. Everytime something seems to come up with appts and now illness. Don't you just love paying school feees when they cant attend!

Anna said...

Enjoy your day alone!! I hope you can get the wheelchair sorted out quickly.

Rosalie said...

That really sucks about the chair. I hope it gets fixed very quickly. Enjoy your alone time :)