Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You all know I love a bit of twinteraction (that's my new term for twin interaction in case you're wondering).

Here are Audrey and Ashlea playing the piano together - sorry for the quality I just took the pics quickly on my phone.

There was another lovely moment of twinteraction at preschool yesterday.  Ashlea wanted to look at the climbing tunnel but was a bit scared, so she said "with Audrey".  SO cute - that is the first time she has ever asked for Audrey to do something with her.

Audrey's response?

"I'm too busy"

Audrey came over in the end and went through the tunnel.  When we got Ashlea down near the tunnel instead of wanting to crawl through it she freaked out.  But hey, who needs to crawl through a tunnel when you've got a twin who'll do it for you???


Lacey said...

I always wondered how cool it would be to have a twin that shared my thoughts. Its like a built in best friend!

Sarah said...

Lovely photos of Audrey and Ashlea.

Funny about the tunnels, Violet loathes them and will avoid them like the plague!

n0thingbuteverything said...

so sweet!!! on all counts. love the term 'twinteraction'. I think i'll be proud one day to say i know the gal who coined the phrase!!