Monday, March 29, 2010

4 Days to go....

Until school holidays!!!

I can't wait.  As you know from Friday's post I have been failing kindergarten parenting.  This last week of school is really pushing me to the edge!  Today is the walk-and-wheelathon to raise money for some more smart boards.  Tomorrow is the infants school dance - and get this - the children have to wear a decorated t-shirt.  Which means I have to help Emma decorate a t-shirt.  With all my spare time.  Wednesday they have to wear red, yellow and black for an Aboriginal performance, and Thursday is necklace or necktie day.

Are they trying to kill me???

We are going to have quite a few pyjama days in the holidays!

Before we get to the pyjama days, we have also got to survive Emma's birthday party.  I have invited the whole class.  Have I mentioned before that I am losing my sanity???  We are having it on Thursday afternoon after school.  I am trying to keep it low key - no games, little organisation, just kids running around, eating pizza for dinner, having birthday cake and being shown the door.

Wish me luck.

There is a method to my madness.  I wanted to invite the whole class (and I will be doing the same with the twins birthday next month), because I want the opportunity to get to know people at school.  I want them to see that we are like other families, we have parties, we go to parties, we can do most things they can (which kind of isn't true - but I don't want them to know that).  My main concern is that I wouldn't want my children to be treated differently, or to miss out on things because other parents might think it was too difficult for us because of Ashlea's disabilities.

So, instead I am making myself crazy inviting the whole class to Emma's party.  All in the name of people getting to know us, not being put off by the wheelchair.

Even if it is a little crazy, it is paying off.  I am starting to get to know other mums, which is particularly helpful when I find other mums who happen to work at the children's hospital.  I met one the other day who works in Radiology.  Very helpful - soon I'll have a contact in pretty much every department of that place!

Better go - I've got a t-shirt to make, and a red, yellow and black outfit to put together.  Oh, and for those who were wondering, I DID get the crown made for Friday, and I WAS shamed into making the sight word cards.

Someone please tell me school gets easier???


Sarah said...

I am dreading to school holidays personally as Emily is forever saying I am bored!

We are also mega busy during the school holidays with appts.

We have Easter Hat Parade Wednesday at Em's school and school disco that same night, then Violet has her Easter Hat Parade Thursday.

I think you are very brave taking on all the class for the party. Good luck!

Sad to say I don't think school gets easier, it's just you learn to manage it a bit better as the years go by. Even with Emily in Year 4 I still struggle...

Ally said...

oh my goodness! I'm exhausted just reading about it!

I hope the party is a raging success, I'm sure once the families get to know you they'll fall in love with you guys!

I can't believe the school's bombarding you with all those dress days the last week of term!

Lacey said...

3 days and my boys go off track for 3 weeks! Good that I don't have to get them up for school, bad that their home ALL day! I've been a horrible school mommy since having Jax. And now that my nursing is gone going to the school is impossible!

Kat said...

Good luck with the party! I still remember that you were the only one from preschool who invited Ciara to a birthday party :) Looking forward to the holidays here too

Alison said...

OK - so it doesn't sound like school gets any easier!

Kat - the twins party is in a couple of weeks (24th) - would Ciara like to come to that? She is more than welcome (and hopefully it will be less overwhelming than this week's party!). I hope she is feeling better.

Alison said...

Sarah - if you're bored during the holidays bring the kids over for a visit. They can be bored together and we can sit down and have a cup of tea!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Gosh, you're making me break out in a sweat just at the thought of having to do all this stuff when school starts. I've been busy banking on my life getting easier next year!!!

Hope you are getting through it all and that the hols come around quickly!!!


Fiona said...

Your post really made me smile.
I also invited the entire playgroup to my daughter's party last year (her first year 'in the system'), as I was desperate for her to feel she fitted in. We also have integration issues, although they are different to yours, but I just wanted to let you know there are others out there who are doing the same crazy stuff for their kids!
And the party went well, and it did help her fit in, so was worth the effort.
Good luck - I am sure it will be great.

Kat said...

I am sure she would have loved to come (and I would have loved to bring her :) ) but she is scheduled for her first op on the 23rd (eeek!) Trying so hard not to freak out about it :(