Friday, March 19, 2010

Botox Today

Ashlea had her second round of botox today.  We were initially wondering if we would go ahead with it after her total-body-floppiness from the swine flu vaccine, however as her strength has increased so has her muscle tone - so we decided to go ahead.  Fortunately all went well and she was still strong enough to crawl and W-sit afterwards.

Like anything to do with the hospital (other than hydrotherapy) Ashlea hates the botox clinic.  She put up a great screaming protest when they measured her legs and marked them up for the injections.  However for the actual procedure they use midazolam for sedation and it works REALLY well on Ashlea for some reason.  I took these photos on my phone of her looking a little hammered...

Man I wish they'd share that stuff with the parents!

She was even happy to lie on the hospital bed without putting up a fight - and usually she won't go anywhere near them.

Poor poppet - she really wanted to put up a fight - but she just didn't have it in her!  I am really glad the drug works well on her - it is so much less stressful when you don't have to hold down a screaming, thrashing child.

Ashlea had her calves and hamstrings botoxed again.  This time they increased the dose to her calves as they are still extremely tight.  Her legs feel softer already - but as usual we will have to wait a few weeks to see the full results.

And now to jump to something completely off topic...for those who may have been wondering...  YES I did finally talk about 'that day' with the psychologist this week - and I lived to tell the tale.  It wasn't as awful as I expected.  I didn't become hysterical.  I actually didn't even cry.  I did however shake like a leaf the entire time.  And you know what...maybe these 'talking about it is better' people are on to something.  I feel like I can breath again.  I don't feel like anyone is sitting on my chest anymore.  Even though the actual talking about it part still felt horrible, I do actually feel better for it now.  Now that its over of course!


Sarah said...

Thought you must be busy as I like to come on the net and see an update from you most days.

Glad Botox was a more pleasant experience, if we can really call it that, I still struggle with that whole process. Wish Violet was as knocked out with Midaz as Ashlea!

Hope the coming weeks Ashlea responds even more to the Botox.

So happy to hear you confronted talking about 'that day' and even though it was hard to talk about, seems that it has already helped so much! I know this is just the start of a healing process in some respects but such a great start, you should be proud of yourself that you allowed yourself to open up.

I think you should make the time for yourself and book in for a nice massage aswell, boy it sure does wonders!

Lacey said...

Glad botox went well, I don't know if I missed something, but what is on her eye in the last picture? It freaked me out a bit!

Alison said...

Sarah - yes very busy the last few days as we have also been sorting out our replacement car after the old one got written off.

Lacey - her eye is always like that. The severe glaucoma damaged it so it is always really big. Sometimes it is really obvious, other times hardly at all.

Lacey said...

A got it. Can she see out of that eye?

Anna said...

Glad the botox went well!
And am so glad you talked about 'that day' and you feel better for it.
You are awesome. You do know that don't you?!

Alison said...

Lacey - no she can't see out of it. It has been blind since birth :(

Belinda said...

Glad botox went well!

Glad you feel a weight has been lifted from you. You are doing a great thing talking about it! xx.

n0thingbuteverything said...

Good luck with the botox results!

And yay to you for talking about the 'day'. I am glad it was a positive experience too. xo