Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family Fun...?

How many of you manage to successfully pull off the 'family outing'???

We rarely attempt an outing with all of us together as we know a certain little moppet is likely to have sensory issues scream blue murder when in new situations.  Yesterday I was feeling brave so I thought we'd try for an outing with the whole family.

In the afternoon my sister's work had a picnic.  I didn't want to push my luck, so just Audrey and Emma went to that (and had a ball).  After that the plan was for Murray, Ashlea and I to meet them in the city to have a walk around and look at the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.  After going there recently with my photography class I reaslied how accessible it is to drive into the city and park in Hickson Road, and then get out and wander along the foreshore.  It seemed do-able.  Emma and Audrey love the idea of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House so I thought it would be a nice little trip.

I didn't factor Miss Ashlea's lung power into the equation when I was thinking about what a great outing it would be for the kids.  You can picture how it went can't you?

Arrive at the foreshore under the Harbour Bridge.  Emma and Audrey are running around and excited.  Ashlea is screaming in the wheelchair.

Walking along the foreshore - Ashlea still screaming in the wheelchair.  Eventually she calmed down a little, so we thought we'd have McDonalds for dinner - after all McDonalds is pretty much ALWAYS wheelchair accessible right?  Wrong.  Not the one at Circular Quay (steps to enter - no ramp and no toilets).

The whole time we were at McDonalds Ashlea guessed it....howling in her chair.  Sorry to any other patrons but....I'm afraid you're just going to have to suck it up like us.  Murray wanted to take her outside so other people wouldn't be disturbed.  My theory is that if we take her outside every time she gets upset she will just learn that if she has a tantrum we'll give in.  So we all stayed and calmly ate our dinner...while she howled.  Howling children often get looks from strangers...nowhere near as many as howling children in wheelchairs though.

After dinner we set off for the walk back around to the car.  Still howling.  Although she did settle down again while we were walking.  Any stopping though and she let us know she wasn't happy. 

In spite of all this I decided to try and get a photo of the girls in front of the Opera House.  See for yourself how that went.  So many pictures taken, NONE of them any good - but so bad they're kind of funny.

It was such a relief to pack all the kids into the car and send them home! Murray took them home and put them to bed while Carolin and I stayed for awhile to take photos. I probably shouldn't have thanked him by putting that photo of him on the blog should I???


Gina said...

I particularly love the back arching shot in the middle. You did well and I agree with you, don't take her outside to reinforce her powerplays. You can always apologise to the patrons close by by simply saying "i am sorry, we are just trying to teach A that tantrums don't get you what you want" or something to that effect. They might cut you some slack.

Anna said...

I have to laugh at the photos! They do display very well just annoyed A was! As hard as it is, the more you go out and do things, the better she will behave! Hard work though.
We can go and do stuff as a family, as long as there are cars and people to watch. If it is quiet and peaceful, then Ryley makes sure it isn't!
Whenever we are at Macca's Ryley is the one sitting there squealing and screaming, except his is in excitement at all the business. We still get looks. So happy or not, people just stare...well until they realise I am glaring at them and then they either comment to each other or look away.
No wonder I'm not a people person (I know that sounds odd coming from a social worker!).

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh Alison! I too love the second pic with the typical tantrum back arch!
I agree too with the fact that it was important for you all to stay and eat and show all the girls this is how it is done and will be done independent of behaviour.
hope you try again soon and that things improve.
Love the pic of M and the girls too! lol
Bron xo

Sarah said...

Have to admit we don't venture out much as a family for very similar reasons.

I think even though it's hard, you just have to try and ignore everyone else, they can get over themselves, otherwise we will never go out!

Belinda said...

Loving the back arch!!!!! xx.

You always make me smile, big time!