Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Christ is Risen.
He is Risen indeed.

We have been having a very quiet Easter weekend.

Murray has spent most of it in bed with Man-Flu.  You can sense my sympathy coming through the computer can't you?

The girls and I have chilled out at home.  On Friday they spent the whole day in their pyjamas - here is a pic of Emma out in the backyard in her pj's at 3 in the afternoon.  There's no law that says pyjama days have to be indoor days is there???

Here is Ashlea having fun in her walker.  Sorry for the super green wall in the background - it is in heaps of her photos.  I think because there is a slow slope down towards it, she gradually slides down that end of the backyard and then stays there.

And here is a photo of Audrey from this afternoon. 

I was using an old 50mm f1.8 lens to take this shot.  I LOVE that lens, except that it is so old I can only use it manually on my camera - which means I have no access to any light metering information at all.  I just have to guesstimate the settings and take the shot and see how it looks.  I really want to buy a digital version of this lens (but I want the 1.4 not the 1.8).  Bron, Ally and any other photographers out there....feel free to weigh in here...should I do it?


Ally said...

Happy Easter!!

Beautiful pics of your lovely little ladies!

DEFINITELY get the 1.4 50mm. You will not regret it, ever.

I have the Canon 1.8 50mm - the plastic fantastic, and it is almost always on my camera. I'll be upgrading to the 1.4 very soon! {Are you Canon or Nikon? NIkon???} The 1.8 is still good though!

Lacey said...

Happy Easter! Pajama day is a great idea. And I totally get what you mean by man-flu. My hubby suposidly hurt his knee and he's been limping around for a week. Its hard for me to have sympathy for that!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Happy Easter.
I had the 1.8 plastic one too, it broke when Pep dropped it...but good thing was it's semi cheap. Have not tried the 1.4
I use the 2.8F Tamron for my Canon but get annoyed in low light.
Great pics of the girls looking so grown up. Hope M gets better soon and you can have a few days in bed yourself!

Sarah said...

Happy Easter!

Photos look great!

No advice here about cameras, except to say I want a disgital SLR so so bad!

Hope M is feeling better very soon!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Happy Easter to you all!

Love the pics and love pj days! My boys have spent most of these hols in their pjs all day and it's been bliss. Love it.

No camera advice from me either, but I would love to comment that I love your photos. They're great. You and Ally and Bron are really inspiring me to get a digital SLR too and learn some real photo skills...

Enjoy the rest of the hols!!!