Friday, April 16, 2010

Kidney Review

This week Ashlea had her 3 monthly kidney check up and the good news is that all is STABLE. We also had a fantastic blood collector who had the test over in less than 5 minutes - her name is Christina - I am remembering that for next time!

Her test results are pretty similar to last time:
Creatinine: 220 (normal is around 60 for a child)
Urea: 8.6 (normal is <6.5)
Sodium: 143 (normal 135-145)
Hb: 137 (normal >100)

While we were there I took the opportunity to ask the specialist the 'big' question. For those who haven't been following, the 'big' question is:

"What do you estimate Ashlea's life expectancy to be?"

While the doctor can't obviously see into the future and answer specifically for Ashlea, she said that children born with renal failure often live to their 30's or 40's, depending on a number of factors: 
If you have a transplant you are less likely to die than if you remain on dialysis - a transplant patient is 10x likelier to die than a person without kidney failure, a dialysis patient is 40x likelier;
If a child has a transplant that lasts much longer than usual (not unheard of) then they can do very well for a long period of time.  The problems arise when the transplant fails (which most do eventually) and they need to be either re-transplanted or dialysed. I think around 10 years is average for the life of a transplanted kidney although some last much longer - and some much less.  
Obviously all us kidney mums expect our kid's transplants to last for at least 20 years...if not longer.

So, it would seem that the answer to the unanswerable question is.... 42? Well, not quite (sorry don't know how many people will get that reference).  Seriously though, if 30 to 40 is a realistic life expectancy for Ashlea, I am pretty happy with that. It is a lot more than we ever thought we'd get.

And as much as the thought of your child dying before you is awful, in some ways it also provides a measure of comfort.  Ashlea would be lost without Murray and I - our family is her whole world.  At least if she were to go first, we could understand what had happened, we could know she was at peace, and we could look forward to our reunion in heaven.  Ashlea may not have that ability.  I would rather that I experienced the grief of losing her, not the other way around.


Mo said...

You are a brave and strong woman...hats off to you for such a positive outlook on what may be. Hugs!

Ally {mtm} said...

Gosh Alison, I really admire the way you look at things, I don't know that I could be as strong as you are.

I'm glad Ashlea's test results came back stable, that must have been good news to hear. I'm also stoked that having the bloods taken wasn't as hideous an experience as last time.

Big hugs to you xx

Anna said...

Glad all the test results came back stable.
I think you are starting to look at things a bit like us. As much as I dread and fear the day that we lose Ryley, in some ways knowing that he will most likely pass before us is comforting. I would hate to think what would happen to him without us.

Sarah said...

Great news that the kidsney stats are stable.

You are a strong woman Alison and you sure do make your + nature be shown which is lovely.

ferfischer said...

I completely agree and hate thinking about that last paragraph myself. But I hope this for us too.

Anonymous said...

Great news on the stable results...give that Christine a HUGE hi 5 for her awesome blood collections!


Belinda said...

Alison, I admire you so much. xx.

Great that results are stable, and def remember Christina's name!

TMI Tara said...

I'm glad her condition is stable. I'm amazed at your strength and faith. You are lucky to have Ashlea, but she is also very lucky to have YOU!