Friday, April 23, 2010

Party Preparation Day

I think I have already mentioned that the twins are having their birthday party tomorrow. Did I also mention that I invited half the preschool kids??? We will be having 16 screaming girls in our house...and maybe one screaming mum.

Today was party preparation day. It went something like this:
  • get woken up at 3am by a 6yo insisting that you need to flush the toilet for her (what is with that??);
  • get woken up at 4:45am by the raucos singing of one 4 year old (Ashlea in bed singing enthusiastically);
  • get up at 6am to get 3 kids dressed, and to get myself and the twins to the hospital by 8:30am for a botox follow up (all is well in that department - she has had a great response)
  • take Ashlea to preschool;
  • come home and run around like a chook with its head cut off (that one is for you Jenny F) and tidy, wash, bake, etc for the party;
  • on the way to preschool pickup discover that the car's radiator is cactus (3rd time in 18 months...what is with THAT?);
  • start shrieking at everyone - at husband about where the F is the other car parked as I need to come and swap cars, and at the kids for just about everything;
  • pick up Emma at 3pm (in Baulkham Hills), swap dud car for good (in Parramatta) at 3:30 and still make it to the Spastic Centre (in Ryde) ON TIME for our 4pm appointment;
  • while driving to our appointment answer 6 year old's question about where babies come out. Did you catch that...not where do they come from, or how do they get in there...where they come OUT. I don't know if I gave a good or a bad answer but her next question was "Does it hurt??";
  • pick up husband and dinner on the way home while dealing with an Ashlea screaming meltdown;
  • send 6 year old to bed early for screaming meltdown;
  • have cup of tea and blog instead of having own screaming meltdown.

Next to do... ice the cake.

I promise to have wheelchair AND cake photos tomorrow!!


n0thingbuteverything said...

And I thought my days were busy! Wow. I am exhausted just reading about it!

I hope you get a good night sleep tonight and have a great time at the party tomorrow ;-).

I hope that there weren't too many follow up questions to the 'does it hurt' one ;-). I had a girl at S's kinder ask me the exact same question (the first one, where do they come out) when I took S to his first day of kinder this year and had very newborn baby A with me. Thought it wasn't really my place to give the real answer, but didn't want to lie either, so just copped out and said, 'ask your mum when you get home' :-).

Ally {mtm} said...

Oh my! What a day!

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly from here on in!

PS couldn't comment on the girls birthday post, but Happy Birthday Ashlea & Audrey ♥

Lacey said...

All I can say is good luck mommy!!

Fiona said...

Good luck with the party.
We had ours today and it went well, so hoping yours does too.

Happy Birthday Girls!!

Sarah said...

Yikes very busy! I think you did great to get to all your appts given all that went on!

Hope the party goes well!

Happy Birthday Ashlea and Audrey!~