Friday, April 2, 2010

The party...unwrapped

Yesterday was Emma's birthday party.  The one that I invited her whole class to.

I am happy to tell you it was a great success.  The weather was fantastic, so I was able to get away with my unstructured party - ie kids arrive, eat junk, run around, eat pizza, run around, eat birthday cake, run around, get a lolly bag and go home.

I wasn't confident earlier in the day - I thought it was all going to go horribly wrong.

My day began at 3am with Audrey howling in her bed "Something's on me, something's on me".  The something that was on her?  Vomit.  Told you I had reason to be concerned.  Fortunately she recovered by early afternoon and was able to enjoy the party - although I forbade her from eating any party food (mean Mummy I know).

The kids all had a great time at the party, Emma had a great time, I had a splitting headache, but that's OK.  The party went well.  Its over now.  Holidays are here and we can rest.

But not before I show you photos of the cake!  For those who have the Womens Weekly kids cake book it is the "Under The Sea" cake - in case you can't tell!!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! So glad it all went smoothly for the party.

Hope Audrey is better and that you allmanage to avoid getting what she had!

Have a great Easter and school holidays.

Oh and I think the cake looks great!

Lacey said...

Oh that cake is too cute. I hope you had lots of tylenol on you!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Emma! That cake looks awesome!
Hope Audrey is well again xx

Fiona said...

Glad the party was such a success. Enjoy your well earned holidays!

Anna said...

PS. I have given you a blog award!!