Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday: A Spot of Fun!

Last week the girls and I went to see Spot (Ashlea is a big fan) at our local shopping centre.  I think it is the first time Ashlea has met a big furry character and not completely freaked out.

We went back to the same shopping centre yesterday, whereupon Ashlea said to me:

'I wan' see 'pot Mummy....PEEEAAAASE'
[translation: I want to see Spot Mummy.  PLEASE.]

So clever - she remembered that the last time we had been there it was to see Spot.  When I said no, she started coming up with other requests.

'Mummy, I wan see a fish...PEEEAAASE'
[translation - I want to see the fish.  PLEASE.]

She has just learnt to say 'please' and is using it to great effect.  Every request gets a very impassioned PEEEAAASE after it.

As in:
 'Mummy, I NEED to give a cuddle.   PEEEAAASE'. 
 or   'Watch Night Garde...PEEEEAAASE' 
or 'I wan' a go home.  PEEAASE'

We are thrilled with all this lovely language and these beautiful sentences.  We have also had:

'I NEED a 'nana bread'
[this one was said the minute I got her out of the car at the shops]
Then as soon as the girls and I sat down to eat the banana bread she says:
'I need go toilet'. 
Too funny - she isn't toilet trained but she knows from listening to her big sisters that as SOON as you get to the shops you start asking for banana bread, and then in spite of assuring your mother that you don't need to go to the toilet, as SOON as you sit down to eat the banana bread (and Mummy drink her cup of tea) you ask to go to the toilet.

Another one she learnt off her sisters:

'I did a pop pop' ...  followed by much giggling.
They have taught her well.

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Ally {mtm} said...

lol she's too funny!

Sarah said...

Fantastic to hear about her sentences, she is so very clever to work out her sisters and come out with that!

CristyLynn said...

Love the communication! Isn't it so fun!

Just Writing said...

Awww, how can you resist that?

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I love the communication Alison! Great sense of humour it seems :)
We made some 'nana bread today and its so yum! we must catch up one day for a coffee and cake :) Bron

Belinda said...

I wonder where she gets her sense of huour from? Beautiful to read!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Fab to hear the leaps and bounds that Ashlea is making with her communication Alison!

And yep, siblings can be a great source of learning (not always of the good kind ;-)).

Love the pics!

Beverly said...

How sweet. Love all her new sentences!

Lacey said...

She still doesn't look to sure about Spot! Siblings can definitely be great teachers!

Adoption of Jane said...

Awwww Super Cute!!

Fiona said...

I am also in awe of the communication. It might be slightly limited, but her sense of humour just shines right through - too funny.
Oh, and don't you love the way the siblings pass on all the toilet humour too?

Michelle said...

Awww I can just imagine a sweet little voice saying all those new words and sentences!