Sunday, May 2, 2010

City or Country??

Are you a city person or a country person?

I am definitely a city person.  Not a city girl, like the ladies in SATC, but I like my mod-cons and I dislike animal poo.

Today we all went to a local animal farm for (yet another) birthday party.  Golden Ridge Animal Farm in Dural.  I would love to give them a gold star for disability access as the staff we dealt with were lovely (and thought my kids were gorgeous...that always helps).  BUT, in spite of them having no steps anywhere, it was very bumpy uneven ground all throughout the property, and Ashlea's brand new wheels now definitely look like they've been off-roading.

Audrey and Emma had a great time patting all the animals.  Ashlea loved the idea of patting the animals but wasn't so keen on how they actually felt.  Here are some phone pics of the girls with the animals.

I don't have any pics of Ashlea with the animals, as I was too busy trying to protect the baby ducklings from her.
No Ashlea, don't grab its head. 

STOP, don't throw it on the floor

Do animal rights activists know what goes on at kids petting zoos???

Ashlea's mantra of the day was "Wanna see a amimals".  She seemed quite interested in them, and put her hand out to touch quite a few of them.

Her first screaming fit of the day (and there were many) was prompted by hearing the rooster crow.

Elephants she said.

Wanna see a elephants.

Having heard neither of them before in real life, I guess she thought she was hearing an elephant for the first time???  Or maybe it is just that when I pretend to be an elephant (as you do when you have small children) I sound like a rooster?  

As we wandered around the farm (me carrying Ashlea as it was too rocky for the chair), I had my usual affect on animals - they all crapped themselves.  It doesn't matter if it is a zoo or a farm, whenever I walk up to an animal in an can be sure it will take a dump.

See I told you I'm not a country person.  Do you still need more evidence?

We lost the ear piece from Ashlea's glasses, so I retraced our steps to find it.  Just as I spotted it, a CHICKEN picked it up and started to run off with it.  Thankfully the farmer lady rescued it for me.


City person.

Animals do not love me.

I ended up taking Ashlea home early as she wasn't happy to sit in the wheelchair (picture a screaming, back arching child) and I couldn't keep carrying her.  Much to her horror I also didn't let her 'crawl on the floor' as she requested. 

In spite of all this it was actually a really fun day out!!  All the girls enjoyed it - even Ashlea. 

Here is one last pic of Murray and the girls feeding a baby goat.


Sarah said...

I am most definately a country girl through and through! Even attended a Agricultral High School and of course we have lived on cattle properties for a number of years now.

It's not the life for everyone!

Looks like a great day out1

Ally {mtm} said...

I don't "do" animals either!

That place sounds like fun!

Fiona said...

I'm sorry, but your post really made me laugh! The chicken running off with the ear piece was so funny (particulary since you actually got it back). You tell a good story, and I am glad the girls had a fun day out.

I am a country girl through and through though. I need space and animals, and living in Switzerland has taught me to do without the convenience of long opening hours (can you believe they still don't have Sunday shopping here!).

Alison said...

Sarah - we probably should have just come to your place!! At least then Ashlea could have come inside once she'd had enough!!

Sarah said...

Yes! I was thinking the same thing!

Anna said...

I am definitely a country girl too! Though I have some city girl thrown in too. Sounds like a fun day, and Ashlea makes me laugh. I love how she wanted to squeeze the ducklings. Ryley touches most animals for a brief moment mostly. Unless it's a snake. Then he squeezes it as hard as he can.

Had a big giggle at the elephant sounds too!!!