Thursday, May 6, 2010


How do you measure progress in your house?

I think we would have to measure it in decibels.  If Ashlea dislikes something, she lets you know about it.  Loudly. Similarly, if she really likes something she'll let you know about that too.  Our progress scale would look something like this:

HATES IT --------------->>>TOLERATES IT--------------->>>LOVES IT
Screams blue murder        Quiet Curiosity           Squeals of Delight

One activity that has moved from the 'stop torturing me' end of the screaming spectrum to the 'let me at it' end is the shower.  She used to HATE the shower and would scream hysterically just at the sound of it.  We have been desensitizing her to it though, as it is starting to get too hard to lift her in and out of the bath.  We haven't actually been very persistent in the desensitizing, but for some reason she has just started to love the shower.

She still screams when she hears the shower running - but now it is because she wants IN and she wants it NOW.  That is what I call PROGRESS!

I am guessing though that crawling around on the shower floor is not something that is going to work in the long term, so now we are about to start hunting for a good shower chair.  I've already been given a couple of suggestions, but would love to hear what works for all of you. do you manage showering / bathing?  Did you have to modify your whole bathroom (we really can't afford that)?  What sort of shower chair do you use?


Sarah said...

This is what we are currently investigating as I am still lifting Violet in/out of the bath. So we are looking for good step and rail for getting in/out of course non-slip being a bathroom item and handles in the bath to help her manouvre around.

Violet hates showers! Mainly as the water gets her eyes and she then cant see.

So happy to hear Ashlea is now keen for the shower.

Naomi said...

Great news - hopefully you don't go back to screams blue murder because she has to get out!

Anonymous said...

Can you get funding for housing mods? We can apparently get funding for bathroom modifications if needed.
I LOVE that she is doing well in the shower-Em and Reese on the other hand scream blue murder where the shower is involved!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

I'm pretty sure you know our answers to your questions re the chair, but I am very impressed at the change in Ashlea's reaction.

We too have found that just leaving something for a while can lead to a success (sometimes inadvertently of course...)

You would be welcome to try Ashlea in Molly's Flamingo chair sometime, if you would like to.

Have a great day on Sunday, super-mum.

Susan x

Lacey said...

I'm glad she likes the shower now. I'm dreading thinking about when Jax gets to big for me to pick up out of the tub. Hopefully thats a few years away for us!

Anna said...

Yay to Ashlea liking the shower! We haven't been down the road of having to get one yet. We teaching Ryley to get in and out of the bath himself, which is kind of going well!

Hope you find a good one!

Marie said...

Hooray for enjoying the shower! We went through a phase of hating the bath. That was awful!!!
Here in the states, one of my jobs is helping people get necessary DME for home. We have a lot of companies over here that offer different types of chairs. Here is one of the websites... On the site you will also notice that there options for lifts and slings made out of fabric that can get wet. That would be an option for continuing tub bathing. hth