Sunday, June 20, 2010

A big weekend of partying

For the 4 year olds, not the adults unfortunately.

Today was the birthday party Ashlea and Audrey got invited to at preschool.  So exciting - their first party invitation.

The girls had a great time.  And guess what???  There was an ACCESSIBLE CUBBY HOUSE.  I was so excited.  Instead of having a ladder up into the cubby, they had a lovely ramp off the deck.  Here is a pic:

Of course I am now wondering if this might be a possibility for my backyard??  Perhaps with our next lot of FAF funding???  But I digress...

The party was great.  They had the cubby (with slippery dip), a fabulous swing that I could sit on easily with Ashlea on my lap, AND they hired a jumping castle. Ashlea had a ball requesting that I carry her back and forth between each activity.  She loved it all!!  Fortunately Audrey is at the age where she is now quite independent at parties, as I end up having to leave her to her own devices while I help Ashlea participate.  No sitting with the other mums and chatting for me.  I was up and down to the cubby, down the slide, on the swings, in the jumping castle, round and round and over and over again.

But, it is SO worth it to see Ashlea enjoying herself - and enjoying the same things as other 4 year olds.  It is also so lovely seeing Ashlea's preschool group starting to relate to her.  They are starting to become more familiar and friendly towards her.  The birthday girl in particular is very fond of giving her tickles, and always comes up and talks to her.  Another lovely thing was that we weren't just invited to the party 'because everyone was invited'.  Only a few preschool children were invited.  We were chosenAshlea got chosen.  How delightful - I could cry thinking that my Ashlea was chosen to attend a party - something I worried might never happen.

The birthday girls mum went out of her way to include Ashlea, and even made her a special lolly bag full of hair bands and clips as she knows Ashlea doesn't eat (Emma was disgusted as she had appointed herself recipient of Ashlea's lolly bag).  It is so, so lovely when people show their thoughtfulness like that.

All in all a GREAT party!


Sarah said...

Sounds like a fantastic party! Also a nice bunch of friends they have at preschool.

How lovely of them to put such thought into Ashlea's lolly bag too.

Know what you mean about a cubby with that funding, I was thinking the same thing, easily accessible cubby!

Fiona said...

I am so pleased it went well Alison. What a wonderful memory to have, and it sounds like the girls are really fitting in.

E. said...

What a great party for the girls. And how lovely that the lolly bag was tailored to Ashlea.

Just Writing said...

Glad Ashlea had a great time. Poor Emma, tell her better luck next time, :)

Anna said...

Sounds like a great party!

Ellen said...

Hello! This was so inspiring to read, the opposite experience of the birthday party we went to. I felt so happy for you guys as I read this. And I loved that cubby house with a ramp!!! I hope you have a happy weekend.