Friday, June 18, 2010

FAF Funding FIxes Friday Fatigue

I am so tired tonight.  Between spending all my spare time at preschool this week filming the feature length ahem 5 minute preschool movie (it's a tradition), and being woken up at 3am most nights by Audrey trying to cough up a lung, I am tired.

BUT, I had to share some exciting news.

We recently put in our FAF funding application.  This is a $2000 grant (maximum) available every financial year for families who have children with a disability.  I don't know if it is just a NSW thing, but if you don't get this funding already, here is the link to their factsheet.  Go get the funding!!!

Anyway, in previous years I have applied for useful but 'boring' items - for example we used the funding to purchase our twin Mountain Buggy pram - very useful, but not really fun.

I'm getting smarter at this funding caper as the years go on.

This year we applied to get an iMAC and some intellikeys.

I don't know if it is because the financial year is ending, but the application was approved in less than 2 weeks.


We love new toys.  Especially technological ones.

We are getting the basic intellikeys package, along with overlay maker which allows you to customize many more 'keys'. (I will of course write a review once we've tried it out).  It is basically a customizable keyboard for people who aren't able to use a regular one.  We will start with using only 2 or 3 large 'keys' for Ashlea to practise pressing, and then see if we can build up from there.  The long term goal being for her to be able to use some sort of a computer to assist with her schooling as we are not sure yet if she will be able to learn to write.

The timing is perfect, because at the moment Ashlea is obsessed with letters.  Whenever she sees writing she says 'letters', and then will start naming random letters.  At this stage she can't actually read or recognise any letters, but I am hoping this interest in letters (and singing the alphabet song) is a good sign for future literacy.

Don't you love it when funding just 'works'?  And the best part is that in a few weeks it will be July and I can start thinking about what to apply for next.  Any ideas???


Sarah said...

I love this funding too, even if I did only find out about it in February.

So glad you put the funds to great use.

Oh and you have taught me something, as I only thought it was a once off funding not an annual type funding!

Naomi said...

Great news about the funding. An iMac - WOW! Enjoy it :)

Some ideas for funding, I received funding January this year and brought:

A 'brandspankingnew' {lol} 9kg front loading washer/dryer - highly recommend! Great machine and saves me heaps of time.

A new mattress for Zachary's bed.

And a balance disc and sitting wedge for his therapy.

So, do you need a new washer? A mattress? Carrying a child around can cause havoc on your back and a new mattress is something I'm told they accept a lot of. Maybe I should start thinking about what we might need :)

mumumumumum said...

i hope you get the funding that you deserve. You are quite clearly a wonderful mother, and you have the most beautiful children .sending you love from England xx

Samantha said...

Hooray for speedy funding!!

Anonymous said...

My experience has been quite different in regards to FAF funding. I was told by other parents and school advisors that this funding was available to all so I applied for it. The application took months. Finally my son turned 18 and they rejected the application because of his age even though the application had commenced well before his birthday. I am very annoyed, firstly because they wasted my time and secondly because the caseworker said it only went to families in real need. We meet the income criteria, we have two kids with major disabilities, no extended family support at all and a hefty mortgage. Our sons are blind, autistic and intellectually impaired, very few things amuse them and disability focussed equipment is expensive. I am an older mother with menopause and a bad back but I have always tried really hard to stay positive. I try not to look like a victim which I think is what is expected. Doesn't mean it's easy. I was very offended to be told I was not needy enough by the young caseworker. Maybe the change in government in NSW has something to do with tightening conditions or perhaps the inexperience of the caseworker.