Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday: Had a good day Mrs Cook!

How do you measure a successful day at preschool?

Ashlea usually tells me she has had a good day by saying:
Had a good day Mrs Cook
Which means she had a good day with her teacher Mrs Cook.

However, she tells me this everyday, regardless of whether it was a good day or a bad day.  So I measure preschool success in terms of dirt and paint stains.

Paint all over her hands...  check.

Paint on her face...  check.

Paint on her clothes...  check.

Yep, another great day at preschool.

Ashlea is absolutely LOVING preschool.  There was a time when I wondered how on earth she would cope in that environment, but she has come so far and is thriving at preschool.  She loves painting and drawing, she loves stories and letters, she loves the pet bird Stormie, she loves her teachers.  Everything.  She loves it.  Her language is improving all the time too and I'm sure preschool is helping with that.  The other day she was having a grizzle because she wanted to see Stormie.  I knew she wanted to see him, but wasn't going to give in until she asked for what she wanted.  Once upon a time she would have just said:
Then over time it became:
Wan' see stormie
On Friday it was:
I want to see him.

Look at all those prepositions (is that what they're called?)!!!

Amazing.  And of course for language like that she definitely got to see Stormie!

For more special exposure wednesday photos click here.


Skye is the Limit! said...

Oh my, at first I thought she had burns all over her hands. Glad its just paint!! And she looks like she had a blast!! :)

rickismom said...

Yes, there is NOTHING like school for speech! Since I live out-of-the-US (and I grew up in the US), often Ricki comes home with a song or phrase that I don't know or use, and I KNOW where she got it from:school and friends!

Anna said...

I am so glad that preschool is going so well!!

Sarah said...

I agree, so great to hear Ashlea is enjoying preschool so much!

Kim said...

Hooray for great days!! Painting is always fun and even better at school~

Mel Fraase said...

Awesome! Those are all the marks of a great day, and it sounds like lots more to come!

The Henrys said...

Cute pictures! How wonderful that she is really enjoying preschool and is doing so well with her learning! Good job!

Beverly said...

so sweet. awesome that she loves school

Michelle said...

that looks like Kayla when she gets to paint! All over everything lol.

That is awesome about her speech coming along and how much she loves preschool!

Belinda said...

Just caught up on a weeks worth of your posts.

Rapt how well preschool is going and that you can see results! xx.

Adoption of Jane said...

Thats so cool she loves preschool.. it is such a blessing when they do. My little one claps when the bus comes down the street.

Territory Mom said...

Oh, how wonderful. She is on her way!!!!

SoCo mom said...

Yay, Ashlea! I too worried about James, who positively thrived in preschool. And way to go on those language skills! What does she like to paint?

Just Writing said...

Yay Ashlea! For those words, she could see whoever (or whomever?) she wants, :)

Marie said...

Yay!!!!! Love that she is doing so well!