Friday, June 11, 2010

Where's Audrey been?

Can you guess where Audrey went today?

The clues are stuck to her face...

Chocolate biscuits....


There were a few lollies thrown in as well.  Have you worked it out???  That's right - its Grandma's house!!

Thanks for those who prayed and sent positive thoughts regarding my post on Monday.  It appears at this stage that Murray's mum's cancer hasn't spread.  She had surgery to remove it today (took something like 8 hours) - at this stage it appears to have gone well.  My friend T's surgery went well and I think she came home today.

Other than that, the only thing going on around here is a whole lot of coughing.

How many days until summer???


Sarah said...

Sorry I missed your post about Murray's mum. So relieved to hear it hasn't spread. That is a long surgery!

Hope both his mum and your friend T's recovery go as well as it can.

Audrey's photos are gorgeous.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, I adore that first picture she is just divine! i want to take pics of her in that beautiful hat!
glad to hear that the health news is mostly good too.

Rosalie said...

I'm sure it's a great relief that the cancer hasn't spread. Audrey is such a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...


I am so glad to hear the news that the cancer has not appear to have spread. Pray for a quick recovery from surgery. Prayers and thoughts for your friend

Belinda said...

Alison, I missed that post.

Glad the news is positive. My thoughts and positive vibes are being sent their way. xx.