Friday, June 4, 2010

Winter Slump

I think I'm in the middle of a winter slump.  Its cold.  School holidays are still weeks away.  I can feel myself sliding.

The other day I was talking to a friend, who asked me how I was feeling.  She had said that something I had told her made her feel sad.  She asked me how I felt.  Could I answer?  NO.  Because I am still emotionally stunted and never tell anyone how I feel. 

What I wanted to blurt out was how unhappy I feel at the moment.

I just couldn't say the words.  I don't know if it was because I didn't want to admit it, or whether it was just too hard to say the words out loud.  It's much easier just to type them 'out loud' to you guys.

Now, I don't think there is any huge reason to worry.  I don't think I am depressed.  Things aren't dire.  I just feel tired and ...  I don't know what...

In need of a holiday perhaps???

I did find a bit of an antidote to my slump yesterday when I went to preschool drop off.  For the first time EVER, both my twins were invited to a birthday party!!!  What a lovely moment.  I nearly cried.

They have been to parties before, but this is the first ever preschool party invite for either of them.  I am so thankful to the birthday girl and her Mum for including Ashlea.  One of the things that makes me sad about Ashlea's disabilities is the idea that she may not have close friendships and get invited to birthday parties, so it was a very special moment to receive Ashlea's first party invitation.

Our first party invite.  Can I include this as an 'official' milestone???  It has certainly lifted my mood I can tell you!!

Do you have any other tips to help me through my winter slump?  I did some furniture re-arranging yesterday.  I don't know why, but that always seems to help too!!


Molly said...

I'd trade the weather with you. Its getting hot here and Im getting miserable. Fall and winter are my favorite, could skip the summer all together lol ...

Yay for Ashlea's first birthday party !!

ferfischer said...

I think furniture re-arranging is fab - maybe painting too! Or, sometimes I like to go shopping by myself. I don't know. I was happy because Cici got an invite to a birthday party from a kid in her special school, and I'm so happy! Penny hasn't gotten any invites yet (can you tell we're antisocial?) :)

Anna said...

Yay to the party invite!

I think it is normal to feel sad and unhappy at times. Whenever I feel like that I try and find some time to just do something I enjoy like going shopping or for a walk. Sometimes I even force myself to catch up with a friend.

I like the idea of rearranging furniture.

Hope you are feeling happier again soon xxo

Mel Fung said...

Wow, this is a milestone alright! So glad to hear it, Alison.

Sorry to hear of your sadness but glad you can at least express it here on this blog. Life is tough (though there is much in which to rejoice). Whenever I listen to the prayer points at Bible group time, I am shocked by the hardships.

Though thanks for bringing lightness to our group! Your questions are awesome, they crack me up as well as befuddle me.

See you on Sun!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, that is greta news about the party invites and only the beginning for Miss Ashlea!
have you cleaned your fridge? that helps me! lol and clean out clothes drawers and donate to opshop?
clean the pantry.
see the cleaning theme! lol
thinking of you and I really hope we get to meet oneday soon xo Bron
oh and happy to help you plan a holiday too!

n0thingbuteverything said...

first preschool invite is definitely a milestone! I kept S's first invite ;-). I hope both girls have a lovely time.

Winter slump advice: get out of the house on your own. sit in a cosy cafe with a trashy mag and a cappucino or hot chocolate and piece of cake and enjoy yourself. then go out and treat yourself to some new winter clothes (they're already on sale anyway). if retail therapy doesn't do it for you, hit the cinema. You need some "ME" time. and you so deserve it!!

Rosalie said...

I do hear you, lately i have felt so sluggish.
How exciting on the party invite!