Friday, July 30, 2010

GMFCS Assessment & Vaccination Clinic

Ashlea recently had another GMFCS Assessment done. This is an assessment of her gross motor skills only. She scored slightly better than last time - except that now she is older she has gone up an age bracket which gives her a lower outcome overall.  Make sense?  Last time she was scored as a 2 - 4 year old, now she is in the 4 - 6 year old group.

Last time she scored 43.79, this time she scored 47.91. Based on this, the graph puts her closer to a level 3 than a 4, HOWEVER, the description of a level 4 fits her perfectly, the description of a 3 is too advanced for her (last time the level 3 description was accurate for her).

Here is the graph:

As you can see she is closer to the level 3 line than the level 4 line.

However, this description of a level 4 (age between 4 and 6) fits her perfectly.  She is unable to do any of the things in the level 3 description.

Children sit on a chair but need adaptive seating for trunk control and to maximize hand function. Children move in and out of chair sitting with assistance from an adult or a stable surface to push or pull up on with their arms. Children may at best walk short distances with a walker and adult supervision but have difficulty turning and maintaining balance on uneven surfaces. Children are transported in the community. Children may achieve self-mobility using a powered wheelchair.

This is a very accurate description of Ashlea.  The good news is that Ashlea is continuing to make progress, so maybe she will score higher when we repeat the test next year.  If she were a 'typical' level 4 she would have pretty much reached her potential  by now.  Ashlea is still learning things - just this year she has learnt to sit on her bottom for short periods and to crawl up a couple of steps.

So, the good news is she scored higher than last time - and hopefully when we re-assess next year she might have gone up a little bit more.  It would be great if she could be a typical level 3 (or higher - but that is very unlikely).  Of course we love her to bits regardless of what level she is, but the higher up the scale you score, the less likely the need for major surgery and other complications of CP.

In other news, we attended the vaccination clinic today for the twins' 4 year old immunisations.  After Ashlea's reaction to the swine flu vax we thought it would be a good idea to get her monitored by the experts.  Audrey received both her 4 year old needles (whooping cough / polio and measles / mumps / rubella).  Ashlea only received the whooping cough / polio one.  Whooping cough is about a lot at the moment so we went ahead with that one.  Next time she has bloods done for her kidneys we will check her level of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella.  If her levels are good we won't give the booster shot, but if her levels are low we will give it.  I have the doctors name and number to page him over the weekend if she has any kind of reaction.  At the moment she isn't showing any signs of floppiness, so hopefully that is a good sign!

I'll keep you posted!


Sarah said...

I don't enjoy having the GMFCS assessment either.

Ashlea has made so much progress as you know.

Think that sounds like a good idea re: vaccines for Miss Ashlea especially after her last jabs! Hope your weekend is uneventful. xx

Marie said...

Praying for no complications.

Rosalie said...

Ashlea is truly amazing and inspiring. I always hate evaluations ugh.