Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kidney Review

This morning was our busy hospital morning.  Thankfully Ashlea's blood test was over with quickly (that's the 3rd good collector we've had this year!) in spite of much screaming and thrashing.

We had a quick trip to the dentist.  He had a look at both the girls teeth and said they look pretty good.  When we go back in December he might try and clean Audrey's teeth and have a closer inspection.  Today we took it easy as it was her first visit and she was not looking forward to it!

He thought Ashlea's teeth looked pretty good 'all things considered' and said he would have a better look at them when she has her EUA for her eyes in the next couple of months.  I am pretty sure that when he had finished looking in Ashlea's mouth she asked him:

"Where your manners?"


After that we went to see the kidney specialist - our last visit with her as she is retiring next month.  It will be sad to see her go as she has been Ashlea's doctor since 'the beginning'.  She is the one that came and saw us in the NICU and has taken care of Ashlea since.  Its kind of funny because I am usually a fairly co-operative, non-hysterical parent, but the first day we met her I was an incoherent, blubbering, borderline hysterical mess.

Thankfully Ashlea's kidney results are stable again:

Creatinine: 210
Urea: 8.2
Sodium: 137
Potassium: 3.4
Haemoglobin: 153
Alkaline phosphatase: 1082

We also met our new nephrologist today.  She looks very young.  Hopefully that doesn't mean inexperienced - at least it does mean that she is unlikely to retire in the near future!

This afternoon Ashlea and I are going to the physio while Murray takes Emma and Audrey to see Toy Story 3.  I felt sick watching the three of them drive off in the car together.  I think I am pretty well adjusted to 'disability land' now, but one thing about living here is that it makes you realise that anything can happen.  To anyone.  At any time.  It makes me feel ill any time I see Murray and the girls drive off without me.  All of the 'what ifs' start running through my head.  I used to freak out whenever I drove anywhere by myself too - but I had to get over that quick smart as otherwise it would mean no time out for me.  Ever.

How long do you think this paranoia will last?  I think it started a bit after I had Emma, but then after the twins...boy did it kick in with full force. Its still going strong four years later.  Anyone else???


Anna said...

Glad everything went well today!!

As for the paranoia...I am glad it isn't just me!! I always think of those what ifs. David gets cross with me all the time because I keep thinking of potential disasters.

I know for me, it is about feeling in control. I figure that I am always so alert that I couldn't possibly let anything bad happen. But really, I need to relax and remember that I am not the be all and end all. Not sure I can do that though...!!

Belinda said...

Paranoid, no not me! lol!

Glad all went well. xx.

Sarah said...

Paranoid much...um yes!

It's hard when you have someone transfer or retire when they have been involved since the beginning. I hope the new younger addition will be just as thorough and informative with Ashlea's management.

So relieved to hear Ashlea's kidney results are stable again...must be such an anxious wait each time and in general!

Great to hear dental appts were good aswell.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Glad the review was positive :)

I really hope the girls and M enjoyed Toy Story 3 and that even after physio you and Ashlea got yo do something nice :)

When I see Andrew drive off with the kids.....I have a big smile on my face!!!!! lol

BROn xo