Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday: War Wounds

Today's SEW has nothing to do with Ashlea (thankfully).  It is all devoted to Emma and Audrey and their war wounds.

After blogging on Monday that I was actually looking forward to the girls going back to school and preschool, here is how the first day went.

By midday I was called by the preschool to say that Audrey had broken out in a rash.  I arrived to find her covered in some kind of allergic looking skin rash.  It was all over her face, stomach, back, arms and legs.  And she was ITCHY.  I took her home and called our GP to see what I should do.

While I was waiting for the doctor to call back, I received a call from the school to say that Emma had fallen over and split her chin and could I come and get her.  The school secretary's actual words were "This is not the phone call you want to be getting from the school".  With an opening line like that I was imagining the worst (obviously she doesn't live in disability land where when you say something like that you mean something truely awful has happened).  Once I heard it was just a split chin I wasn't so worried.

At least that made the decision about what to do with Audrey's hives a little easier.  I picked Emma up from school, and took her and Audrey to get Ashlea (who was still blissfully at preschool).  Once our lovely SN teacher heard what was going on she insisted on coming to the ED with us.  I don't think she could quite believe that I was planning on taking all 3 kids alone - and when she asked why I was hesitant to let her come and I admitted it was because I was bad at asking for help, the deal was done.

Off to the ED we went, with the lovely Mrs Cook in tow.  She stayed the entire time - which was very helpful as Ashlea kept freaking out even though she wasn't getting any treatment herself (bad past experiences you think???).

Audrey was given anti-histamines and her rash settled.  We have no idea what set it off.  The last thing she ate was strawberries - I hope she hasn't developed an allergy to them as they are her FAVOURITE food.

Emma had her injury cleaned and glued.  She was very brave (I was actually a little surprised).  I expected her to freak out a lot more as she has never had any kind of medical procedure.  Ever.

So now not only is my goal of no ED visits for 2010 gone (actually that went in January), but now all 3 of my children have had a trip to the ED.  Kind of funny because I don't think my sister and I ever went when growing up.  Not once.  Nice to see we're mixing things up a bit.

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Sarah said...

What a first day back at school!!

Emily had a similar reaction and we now know for her she is allergiv to Food Acid (330) and it's nearly in everything!

Hope you figure out what Audrey is allergic to and hoping it's NOT strawberries!

Hope Emma's chin is better soon too.

I can imagine that comment on the other end of the phone from school would have scared the hell out of you!

ferfischer said...

Funny when you live in disability-land like we do - a split chin is nothing - I probably would have laughed!

Well, here's hoping tomorrow is better!

The Henrys said...

How nice that the teacher went with you to help out.

Hopefully the rest of the school week will be very uneventful!

Lacey said...

Wow what a day. I was going to say that rash was definitely hives. I wonder what it was? Glad everyones fixed up!

ParkerMama said...

Here's hoping you don't ever have to repeat days that THAT one again!

Hope everyone is feeling better.

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

SoCo mom said...

Oh wow -- sorry you had to go through that but you've got a great attitude. I am glad you had some help on that trip. I hope you are done with ER visits for a long time.

Coley said...

Oh goodness. Hope they are doing better now.

Sharon said...

After a day like that you would hope the rest of the year will be uneventful.

Anna said...

Oh no! What a day! Hope they are all better now!

Jacqui said...

Moo once had bad hives (which started to affect his breathing) when he swallowed a blue crayon. I have no idea why he decided to eat a crayon. It was pretty scary at the time but we can laugh about it now. When I was asking him what he had swallowed, he kept on saying "blue crayon" but because of his cp, i thought he was saying "toy crane". I couldn't work out how he had swallowed a toy crane.

Hope everyone has recovered well.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness what a day that was! How nice of the teacher to go with you and give you that extra help with 3 kids and 2 needed medical attention! Glad the girls are ok now!

TMI Tara said...

Well at least you're not BORED at your house! Geesh! Glad nothing was too serious!!!

Marie said...

Gee whiz! Glad everything turned out fine.