Monday, July 12, 2010

This and that...

OK, so I re-typed last night's post as best I could.  I have put a gadget on the sidebar that has some quick links (well, just one really) - which links to a page that gives an overly detailed summary about what happened 'in the beginning' of this journey.

There will be more quick links to come.  Hopefully.  If I have time.

Tomorrow we have a busy day planned.  Ashlea is having bloods in the morning, and then seeing the kidney specialist.  She and Audrey are then seeing the dentist.  Cover your ears as the screaming will be heard for miles around.  In the afternoon Ashlea is seeing the physio and I am getting the results of her developmental assessment explained to me.  Fun for all the family.

Actually the rest of the family are hoping to have fun.  Murray is having the day off to help with the appointments and is hoping to take Emma and Audrey to see Toy Story 3 in the afternoon.  I am just hoping Emma will be feeling well enough to go - she had a little virus today that involved her backside being firmly planted on the toilet for much of the day.

Good times, good times.

Tonight when I told Ashlea she would be having a blood test tomorrow she freaked out.  I didn't think she would react, as she sometimes says the words "blood test".  Usually I respond by saying "NO, no blood test".

Well, tonight when I said "Yes, blood test" she stopped in her tracks. She put her hands over her ears - like she didn't want to hear the words I was saying.  Then, she started scratching at her arms in distress.  I was shocked.  She obviously knows what a blood test is, and that she doesn't like it.

I hate that we have to get blood taken, but it has to be done, so do it we will.

Wish us luck and stay tuned for the results.


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow - what a huge day!

And here's hoping you get the good blood collector...

Take care, Susan xx

Sarah said...

I know this feels a little pointless to say, but I do hope it goes as well as it can tomorrow with both the girls.

It does suck Ashlea having bloods done so hard when they don't know why we hold them down for their own benefit. Will be thinking of you and hope you get a good collector!

She sounds like she sure does know what its all about when you mention blood test!

Hope the results are stable for her and their dental exam is good news.

Lacey said...

We have the dentist today as well, fun stuff! I'm off to read your precious girls story!