Sunday, August 1, 2010

Revelation: I'm one of "those" people

Yesterday the girls and I went to hang out with some new friends.  We know M and her mum through swimming lessons - the girls all get on well so we went over for a play.

We had afternoon tea, went to the park, played dress ups, put on make up...

Emma may have got a little carried away...I'll let you be the judge...

And how do you get cleaned up when your hands look like this???

Apparently this is where you wipe your hands...

After we had done all that, the children invited themselves to stay for tea (mini frankfurts) and dessert.  Then it was late, dark outside and definitely time to go home.

That is when I had the revelation.  I am one of 'those' people.  Those people who come to your house for 'a play' and stay the whole day.  Its funny, because I have other friends that I can identify as 'day-stayers', but I never thought of myself as one.  But I think if you turn up to someone's house that you only met through your kids swimming lessons and then stay for hours - that qualifies you as a day stayer.


The kids all had a great time though (even though mine totally forgot their manners in their exuberance).  Does that make it OK?  They would have stayed for a sleep over if they'd have been allowed.

My defense - and I'm sticking to it - is that it is such a damn achievement to get everyone out of the house, that once I get somewhere I'm not leaving again in a hurry!

I guess the test will be if we ever get invited back!

Thanks for a great day M & M's mum.

Oh and PS  we've had no apparent vaccination side effects from Ashlea so far.  All good.


Sarah said...

Sounds like a great day out!

I agree with the theory that it's an achievement to get all the kids out for the day, that once your somewhere your not going to leave in a hurry.

Love the makeup application by Emma!

Oh and the way you clean your hands after...dogs are just way too handy!

Sarah said...

Oh forgot to add...great no side effects from the vaccines yet.

mumumumumum said...

sounds like you had a great day , and i am sure that they would of drop lorry sized hints if they had wanted you to leave. Me on the other hand ...well i am blunter than that and i would of said 'its been lovely to see you and we must do this againn , i'll round up your children'..not to everyones taste but not grey areas either . xx i am sure you will get another invite

Lacey said...

Wow, I'm not quite sure that is so much a girl makeup job as a clown makeup job!! Too funny!

Belinda said...

Love the makeup!!!!!!

Congrats on being a daystayer! Glad it was a great day! xx.

Marie said...

:) Daystayer, is that what it's called? That's definitely us! Glad you had such a great time!