Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday: Twin Cuddle

You all know how much I like a twin cuddle.

You also know that one of the things that breaks my heart the most about Ashlea's disabilities is the loss of her twin relationship with Audrey.  Slowly but surely though, Audrey is starting to interact a little more with Ashlea.  She would still much rather spend time with Emma, but she will initiate giving Ashlea a cuddle from time to time now, which is just lovely and melts my twin-mummy heart.

And for those who have been wondering...

Ashlea is feeling better.  Today while my mum was looking after her she was apparently still quiet and listless, but since I have been home she has been very chatty and chirpy.  We still don't know quite what was / is wrong.  Her PEG site got very red and inflamed so the doctor gave her antibiotics for that.  There was also shall we say, an 'explosion' of sorts (while we were at the doctors surgery of course, and while my tooth was still killing me), so the constipation is no longer an issue either.

My tooth is feeling much better.  I had the first part of my root canal treatment on Monday.  Is it sad that in my busy, busy life, I was actually looking forward to having the root canal because it would give me an hour or so to rest.  Although maybe what I was looking forward to was the IV sedation.  Have I told you how much I really, really like those sedation drugs?

Midazolam.  Aaahhhh.

AND, I also got the preschool DVD done (thanks to my sister's editing skills).

AND the ramp people came to measure up.

Not bad for someone who was off their head on painkillers.

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Anna said...

Absolutely love those photos! For some reason I haven't been getting updates about my fave blogs. Have missed a few of your posts :(
Hope Ashlea keeps getting better.

And I have to laugh a bit when you said you were looking forward to the rest (even if you did have to have that minor thing called a root canal..). That is something I would be thinking too!!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Constipation-clearing explosions must be going around.

Molly chose to have hers at preschool today, requiring a full clothing change for her, and her aide!

Talk about above & beyond... I was mortified.

Amanda Daybyday said...

You get IV sedation for root canals??? I want that! All we get is freezing - pure torture!

I'm glad your day went well and that Ashlea's doing better. Also, your girls hugging? Adorable.

Sarah said...

Loved the twin photos too.

wow cant believe you managed to still get that all done!

Know what you mean about having a bit of peace while you had your root canal, thats what I was thinking 3 weeks ago when I had my tubes tied!

Glad Ashlea seems more herself. I was meaning to message you yesterday to check on her.

Rosalie said...

How sweet are they. It really melts you heart to see them like that. I hope Ashlea is better soon and your all better yourself.

ferfischer said...

I totally and completely know what you mean about the "twin relationship lost." We are in the same place, except a few years behind you. Anyway - glad she is feeling better, and I hope you get your peace and quiet with drugs soon, even if it has to be at the dentists (yes, I do know what you mean here too!)

shopannies said...

what a sweet picture

VMI said...

Wow - those are beautiful.

The Henrys said...

Lovely, sweet pictures of lovely sweet girls!

Glad your tooth is better. I HATE having tooth pain!

Michelle said...

oh moments like that would just melt my heart too! What sweet cuddles you captured!

PS - yes that is our backyard!

Belinda said...

Just caught up on your past week! Excellent stuff!

I LOVE drugs! haha.

Samantha said...

Gorgeous pics :) and I had a huge chuckle at the drugs bit!

Just Writing said...

Hhhmm, there must be something about not being at home. My son had his "explosion" at daycare so I had to take time off work to pick him up but he was fine when we got home (of course).

Marie said...

So glad I read the ending before I read the Ashley is sick, I've in bad pain post. Glad it turned out well.

Lisa said...

Man I get that last image, it brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.
We have twins also.