Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why are they always funny???

Why are farts always funny???  Doesn't matter how old you are, or what your level of education - or even if you have a disability - they are always funny.

Ashlea thinks they are hilarious.  Actually all my girls do.

Ashlea has this speech output device.  We only ever use it as a toy now as her speech has improved so much.  During the week Emma and Audrey recorded themselves blowing raspberries on it.  Of course you can imagine what it sounds like when played back.  Ashlea found it hilarious and has played with it for hours.  She presses the button repeatedly, giggles to herself, and says:
Stinky pop pop.
Very silly.

We all thought it was funny that Ashlea found this so amusing.  But then we found something EVEN BETTER.

My sister recently got an iPad and downloaded the burp and fart piano application.  It is what it sounds like - a keyboard that when 'played' makes the sounds of burps and farts.  Oh boy did that keep my girls amused for ages.

All the girls loved playing with the iPad - as you can imagine Emma was all over it.  Ashlea was fascinated by the piano, and even Audrey - who normally couldn't give a fig about computers - got into it.

I wonder if computer and software developers realise that this is what we do with their 'great inventions'???


Sarah said...

How cool is that iPad app! I wanna have a go!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Cooper and Andrew love this too! lol Pep says "poo" whenever she hears a fart!
I love this technology and am so excited about it's future!

ferfischer said...

oh man, now I'm going to go look those up. my kids love those too - and hey, whatever works! :)

Mo said...

Hey, whatever it takes right?!

Nerida said...

too funny! I love it!

Rosalie said...

The ipad is amazing!