Sunday, August 8, 2010

You know your baby is sick when...

She goes to bed without screaming and putting up a fuss.

Ashlea is sick.  Unfortunately she can't tell me what is wrong so I'm not sure how serious it is.

She has been gagging more than usual the last couple of days, and then yesterday afternoon she seemed a little out of sorts - nothing I could put my finger on - just not her usual self.

This morning she seemed better, but by tonight she was very quiet and had developed a temperature.  The only other symptom is that her tummy seems a bit sore to touch.  She is pretty constipated at the moment - but she has been constipated before and never been like this.  Could constipation cause this???

My current theories / guesses are:
- constipation
- urinary tract infection
- random childhood virus

Of course my mind is running into overdrive.  What if it is appendicitis?  What if she has an intestinal blockage???  What if???

I'm going to take her to the doctor in the morning.  I don't know whether to go to the GP or the ED.  A mild temperature and an upset tummy can be handled by the GP, but if they recommend an x-ray or blood test then we'd be better off at the hospital.  Any thoughts?

The other problem is that I have a RAGING toothache and am booked in for root canal in the afternoon.  I can't not take Ashlea to the doctor, but also I can't miss my root canal as this pain is becoming unbearable.  I also happen to be a little...stoned...on painkillers.  And I'm meant to be filming for the preschool video AND having someone come over and measure up for the ramp.

It never rains but it pours right???


Sarah said...

Sorry to hear Ashlea is sick :(

I only take Violet to GP if I know it's something simple but most times it's not so we go straight to kids hospital (I know the waiting will suck) but they know Ashlea and are much more thorough compared to a G.P I think.

I am so glad I took Violet for her last trip to ER as she ended up having pneumonia and her only symptoms were high fever, but they got all the necessary x-rays, tests etc.

I think with complex kids like ours, we cant take the chance.

I am hoping it's not a reaction of sorts to that vaccine.

I can sympathise with the root canal, I need 1 done too and have been putting it off even tho I am in pain. I hope you can either re-schedule asap.

I am sure the preschool will forgive you for not being able to do the video tomorrow but would be a bit of a bummer to miss the ramp measure up!

Let us know how Ashlea is, thinking of you xxx

Dianne said...

I agree with Sarah! The hospital can do more if necessary. But I'd wait and see how she feels in the morning. You never know! She might wake up right as rain. There are lots of icky viruses around at the moment. M has been sick all week ;-(. Hope it's nothing to really worry about!
Good luck with the root canal. Doesn't sound like much fun ;-(.

Cathy said...

Is it possibly a reaction to the vaccine? A brilliant book on diet and tummy issues and link with vaccines is
Special needs kids eat right

Rosalie said...

Hope sweet Ashlea is better soon.