Friday, September 10, 2010

Who'd Have Thought?

Who'd have thought Miss Ashlea would be able to do this?

I know I have posted a similar video in the past, but you will notice that in this one, she isn't being held up by the physio.  She is walking ALL BY HERSELF.  Sort of.

Who'd have thought?

How do you think I reacted?

Jumping for joy?

Weeping with happiness?


I swore.

I did worn the physio first.  But the only words that seemed to convey how amazing this achievement is were:
That's f***ing awesome.
I know I have a few delicate readers that will find that offensive, but seriously, how f***ing awesome is it???


Sarah said...

How about very f***ing awesome!

She is just too clever! I have tears in my eyes watching your little girl.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, that is amazing. I love how she takes her hand off and still has perfect balance too!
Great work Ashlea!
I agree really efffing awesome!

Mo said...

Pretty f*cking awesome!!!!

Anna said...

That is absolutely f***ing awesome!!! She looks as though she as been doing it forever!!

Tears in my eyes as well.

That is just fantastic!!

Becca said...

It is f*cking awesome!

I have a buddy who also uses a Kaye walker, although these days she finds it easier to get around campus in a powerchair.

mandy said...

F*cking brilliant Alison

She looks so so so wonderful.

Carolin said...

that's unreal! Way to go Ashlea :-)

E. said...

Well done Ashlea. And Alison for all your work taking her to appointments and doing therapy!

Missy said...

I have to agree Alison... a "thats awesome" just doesnt convey the same meaning that F**king awesome does!!

She's brilliant, she's just amazing. Wow, gushing over here totally!!
Tears and goosebumps this end!!

Nerida said...

That is f**king brilliant!! I showed Andrew and told him the comments and he said "that is F**king awesome... WOW"!

Lacey said...

Oh momma, use whatever words you want! Look at that girl go. Wahoo!

ferfischer said...

:::clapping clapping clapping:::

She looks SO amazing - this is brilliant! Since I began following you, in the olden days, she has come SO far, I mean really. You should look back. Hugs!

Belinda said...

F'n awesome for sure! Shout it out! xx.

Jacqui said...

Way to go Ashlea! That is awesome. You must be over the moon.

Jules363 said...

Brilliant, brilliant, effing fantastic! Tears!