Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Day at the Spa

Yes, you read that correctly!  Today I enjoyed a day at the Spa with the lovely ladies in my SN mum's support group.  This group has been such a blessing to be a part of.  I met one of the mums at hydrotherapy a couple of years ago, and quickly sussed out that she was a Christian.  By week two of hydrotherapy I asked if she was interested in starting a support group only to discover that she was already a part of one, so by week 3 I had gone and joined them (much easier than starting your own group).  We meet once a term to catch up and pray for our children.  I think at the time Murray thought I was crazy to go and meet up with a bunch of ladies who I had never met before - except for the one I had known for a grand total of two weeks.  I think he underestimated my desperation to meet other people who 'lived in my world'.  In the group all our children have different types and degrees of disability but it is great to be able to support each other and rejoice over our children's achievements.

This term's meeting was held at the Day Spa for some luxury and pampering, seeing as luxury and pampering is not something any of us usually make time for.  We had a lovely lunch and then some of us had massages.  I had my first ever - yes in my whole life - manicure, and then we went for a swim in the spa.

LUXURY.  It was lovely - just what I needed after my first week at work.

AND, to make it even better, I came home to a TIDY house.  Murray had tidied up the toy carnage AND vacuumed up the glitter from the craft explosion.

I tell you there might just be something to this marriage counselling caper after all.

I'm curious to know if other people meet with, or feel that they need to meet with other parents who share this journey?   I'm not usually a 'support group' type of person, but at the time I met these ladies I was really desperate to meet other people - actual real live people (not that you aren't all real and alive - but I don't see most of you in my day to day life) who were on this journey.  For me that is part of what blogging is about too.  I have met so many great people who 'live in my world' and really appreciate being able to connect with other people who 'get it'.

So, thank you to my Spa ladies for your support, and thank you also to  all of YOU for your support.


Sarah said...

Sounds great! Glad you had some time for yourself and you actually enjoyed it!

I too have never had a manicure!

How nice of Murray to tidy the house as well!

I have a support group that The Spastic Centre runs every month and feels so good to talk out loud to others who "get it".

Aside from that of course, all our lovely online supports as you well know.

ferfischer said...

AWESOME! You so deserve it! And yes, I have a couple support groups in real life that I've come to rely on. My entry into this "world" was unexpected and sudden, and I really needed the help. A friend dragged me to one, a monthly get together at a local house, more like a happy hour, and everyone was SO friendly, and they got it! The other was a slow meeting of people I knew online, and they are amazing too. Besides a support group, they are my actual friends now. I find my friends from "before" either disappeared, don't get it, or don't invite me out anymore. At least these guys understand.

Belinda said...

Alison, you deserve the luxury. Good on you!

Catching up on your blog week, and hope work is going well.


Anna said...

Sounds fabulous. My support IRL comes from a handful of mums that I catch up with regularly. Without them who knows where I would be!