Friday, October 1, 2010

Fang No More

As I expected Emma's 5th tooth fell out today.  It was hanging by a thread and driving her nuts, so she let me pull it out.

After she brushed her teeth to go to bed, we realised that the middle fang (number 6) looked like this:

It had to come out.

Action shot...

All done.  Now she has lost 6 teeth.  She fleeced the tooth fairy for those last two, demanding $5 as she had let me pull them out.

Here she is examining her new look in the mirror.

I'll try and get a better picture over the weekend!


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison! ewww! I am having flashbacks to my Dad doing that to my tooth! THat first pic is photograpghically brillant! love it! I do not love the teeth, next to eyes, teeth scare me!
bron yay emma!

Belinda said...

Taking me back..... Go Emma!

Rosalie said...

So cute. Marcus just lost his 3rd tooth and he's 7 lol