Friday, October 29, 2010

Surviving work

I am surviving my extra hours at work.  My Tuesday / Friday role is very different to my Wednesday job, and much busier.  Who knew that anyone at my work was ever that productive?

Overall I am finding it very tiring.  Not just the hours that I am at work, but also the stress of remembering everything that needs to be done.  Lunches to pack, clothes to lay out, medications to draw up, library on Thursday, news on Monday, don't forget the hats.... I'm sure you all know what its like.

Murray is doing really well with getting the girls ready in the morning. We have started using Skype so I can have a quick chat to them and see them before they go to school and preschool which makes a huge difference to my day.  I need to SEE them, and see that they are OK otherwise I worry about them all day long (usually I leave before they get up which would mean not seeing them until after school).

Anyway, the summary to this waffle is that I / we are surviving me working more.  Everything that needs doing is getting done, just in a slightly more dishevelled fashion than normal.

The following things may or may not have happened in the last week.  If DOCS are asking, they definitely did not happen.

Audrey may have been wearing her pants backwards at preschool this week.

Emma may have gone to school one day with her shirt buttoned incorrectly, her collar tucked inside her shirt AND both legs stuck in the same leg hole of her cullottes.

Ashlea may have crawled down the front stairs, out the gate and half way down the driveway towards the road after the children I left the front door open.

Audrey may have stripped off all her clothes after swimming and then done a nudey lap of the entire swimming centre while yelling out 'I need to do a wee', as her teacher and I yelled from the pool for her to come back.

So, you know, life as normal really.  Just with less organisation.


Molly said...

lol for the last one, that's too funny !

ferfischer said...

OMG! A nudey lap? That's the funniest thing I've heard in a while! Honestly your life sounds like mine - less organization and hanging on by a thread, but hanging on! And heck, that's all that counts! Oh, and my kids wear their pants backwards all the time. And shirts too sometimes. And shoes on the wrong feet. Whatever. They're dressed, right? :)

Sarah said...

Sounds pretty hectic and funny at the same time!

Anna said...

Hehe!! Good to know there are other households out there like mine. I have to laugh at he nudey lap. Go Audrey!!

n0thingbuteverything said...

I loved the nudely lap too. Given me my giggle for the day!
And as for wardrobe malfunctions - we have them daily. You would think I would know left from right feet now, what pairs of socks look like and also what way a top should be worn, but alas, I often get these things wrong (and always notice cornflakes stuck to my kids chins and in their noses much later than I should have)....