Friday, November 19, 2010

How much would you pay?

How much would you pay for the opportunity to show the doomsayers that they were wrong about your child?

Well, wrong-ish anyway.

I am going to pay $65 for this privilege. I think that's a pretty good price, don't you???

Initially when Ashlea was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy, she was assessed as Level 5 - the most severe classification.  Ashlea still obviously does have severe disabilities, but seeing as she is at least a level 4, trending towards 3, I think that I'm entitled to a little moment of 'in your face, you were wrong' smugness.
This Saturday I am attending a fundraiser for RPA Newborn Care - the NICU that Ashlea and Audrey spent many months in. At the fundraiser one of the doctors will be giving a little talk about the nursery, their need for funds, that sort of thing.

You can see where this is going can't you???

Yes, it so happens that the doctor who is speaking is the one who gave Ashlea her Cerebral Palsy diagnosis - specifically she assessed her as being a GMFCS 5.

I am paying my $65 to attend this event, partly because I know it is for a good cause, but mostly so I can show her my video clip of Ashlea walking with her kaye walker, and show her that her initial predictions for Ashlea were incorrect.

Now, in spite of how it sounds, I am not doing this to "show her she was wrong" because I have a chip on my shoulder about the diagnosis. I am doing it partly to show her she was wrong, but also because I believe she will be genuinely pleased to see how well Ashlea is doing. This doctor was in the nursery for many of Ashlea's dramas so I can't wait to show her how well Ashlea is doing now.

It's a tough one, because some doctors would still look at Ashlea and only be able to see what she can't do, but I do hope (and believe I'm right on this one) that the doctors who saw how sick she was, how she nearly didn't make it, and how slow she was to make any positive steps developmentally, will be genuinely happy to see her progress. They of all people can appreciate how far Ashlea has come and what she has achieved.

I can't wait!


ferfischer said...

Sounds like a bargain to show her off! I totally would! :)

Sarah said...

Yeah I think she would love to see the fantastic progress Ashlea is making!

Rosalie said...

I so know how you feel, when we first went to PECAT for our diagnosis. They told us that she will never walk, talk etc..

I haven't gone back, but if only they could see her now thay would be eating their words.

Ashlea is making amazing strides, and you should be so proud of not only her but yourself. All the hard work that you are both putting in is paying off and showing her that video will be so worth it.

Please report back i would love to know what her response is.

I was told it's for legal reasons that they tell you the worst.

But bloody hell they could at least tell you it's possible some hope wouldn't go astray.

Adoption of Jane said...

Thats so cool! You go momma, I would pay it too! You may want to take 2 extra copies of the video and give one to the doctor and one to the coordinator of the event.

Belinda said...

That is a bargain! Hope it went well! xx.

Marie said...

I'm not surprised that they were thrilled. Ashlea is doing fabulous and you and the docs who were there at the beginning can be acutely aware of the difference.