Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update from Busy-land

Life is well, busy, here in busy-land, but aside from a raging case of PMT (mine) things aren't too bad.

Emma is doing well at school, the girls are loving preschool, and Murray and I are surviving the new routine.

On Friday Audrey came to work with me as I was unable to get a preschool day for her.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I didn't think I'd be able to get a day for her so I opened my big mouth and told her she might have to come to work with me.  When a day did become available, there was no way she was going to preschool.  Her teacher tried to talk her into it all day Thursday, but Audrey's response was a very firm "No, I'm going to work with Mummy".  So, she came.  She was very good - she is by far the 'easiest' of my children.  We even managed to find her a donut the size of her head at the canteen.

What else happened this week?

I started my Christmas shopping.  After having a nightmare that it was 6pm on Christmas Eve and I hadn't bought anything for Christmas, I was keen to get started.  When I told Emma that I had a dream that I forgot to buy presents, she told me "That's OK, because we would still get presents from Santa".  Yep, that's why I woke up in a cold sweat.

I need advice though.  I have no idea what to get Ashlea this year.  She already owns every single Night Garden toy ever made.  I could buy some software for her to use with the intellikeys - but that isn't really fun.  She is aware enough of presents now that she will see the others playing with fun stuff and want some for herself.  So if anyone has any good gift ideas for special needs children please let me know.

What else?

Oh yeah, I dobbed someone in for parking in the disabled spot at preschool.  It wasn't another parent who was just running in with their kid, it was someone who parked there early in the morning - without a permit and when the whole street was empty and available to park in - but no, they parked in the one disabled spot outside preschool.  I really hope the ranger got there in time to slap a $400+ fine on their car.  Gee it felt good to dob them in.

Oh and the big news is that I entered the ballot to get tickets for the Oprah show.  I really, really, really want to get tickets.  It would clash with the twins preschool concert though.  Would that make me a bad mummy???  It is most likely an irrelevant question as the chances of getting tickets are pretty low I'd imagine.  I'll let you know!!

Coming up this week:  a party at an indoor play centre (ugh) and the preschool bus wash tour.  I'll let you know how it goes.

And to finish with here is an Ashlea-ism from preschool this week.  It was teddy bear week, and Ashlea was colouring in a teddy bear picture with her teacher.  There were 3 teddies. Ashlea painstakingly attempted to colour the first one.  Again she painstakingly tried to colour the second one.  Finally Mrs Cook asked her what colour she wanted the 3rd teddy to be.  Clearly fed up with colouring, Ashlea's answer ....  WHITE.


Sarah said...

Hmmm, Christmas shopping, don't mention it! I haven't started it either! Emily is easy she has made a great list but Violet so much harder!

Funny you should mention the disabled parking and people parking in it without a permit. I told Emily's prinicipal the other day that people are parking in the one at her school without permits and I am ready with my RTA stickers in hand to put under their windscreen wipers "being lazy is not a disability". Think he was shocked! The next day, guess what not a soul was parked in it! Success! Will have to see how long that lasts! People have to realise it is an offence to park without a permit!

I got the invite too for the video app for Oprah's show as you know I want to go, but not keen enough to put myself on camera to apply:(

Hope the birthday party goes as well as it can at the indoor play centre. We just had one at Hungry Jacks and it was Horrendous! I have to say though I still fit in their playground tubing well and can still get out of it!

Hope the preschool bus wash tour goes well too.

Sorry this is a huge comment, bit more of an essay!

Aunty Carolin :-) said...

Oh no - I was hoping you'd have lots of Christmas present ideas because I'm coming up with a mental blank...

Missy said...

PML @ Ashleas response to colouring in. Not only is she super clever to have worked that one out but geez how funny is she!!!!

One of our Missyisms....
THinking I am a bad Mummy and that I should really do some kindy prep work, I have been teaching Missymoo, her name, gender, age and where she lives. She can say her name, age and that she is a girl-great check...however I ask her "where do you live?" (with the aim of her stating our address), she looks at me puzzled as if to say "what the???" and her answer..."home"
Lol-ask a silly question!!

clever little kiddies we have!!!

ferfischer said...

I love Ashlea's rsponse to coloring - she is SO smart, isn't she?

I had to start xmas shopping too - it takes me this long to get it done, because I can only do it in little tiny pieces! Cici is so hard to shop for too. She is less aware than Ashlea, so it's easier, she's not really aware. But we do a lot of switch toy type things - and xmas lights. Max's teacher suggested books on tape for her - there are some good read-along type electronic gadgets for kids - or just books off itunes. If you want to spend a bunch of $$$ - get her an ipad - I guarantee she'll love it.
Oh, and YAY for the parking spot at the school! There's the car line that always blocks it at Max's school and someone who takes up both spots with ONE car somehow. drives me bonkers.

Ally {mtm} said...

Oh how funny is Ashlea!! ♥

Good on you for dobbing in the parker, I hope they got the fine!