Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Mishaps

Did you have any Christmas mishaps in your house???

We only had one - and thankfully it was minor.

It involved a Zhu Zhu pet (think toy rodent on wheels).  Apparently they have stickers on them saying to keep them away from hair. I didn't read that bit - mainly because I am now at the point where I can't read anything without my glasses - but also because I don't care much for instructions.

As usual when there is a mishap it involves Ashlea.  I heard her small voice:
I stuck Mummy.
I looked over and couldn't see how she was stuck as she was just lying on the floor playing with a toy.

When I went closer however, I discovered this:

Yes, stuck again.  This time her hair - attached to her "Suzie" pet (she hasn't quite got the hang of saying "Zhu Zhu" so she says "Where my Suzie pet?  I need find her"  Its pretty cute).

Unfortunately this was the only solution:

Once the shops open this week we will have to make an appointment for a haircut.  What a nightmare - Ashlea screams wildly throughout them, and I hate having to explain the state of her hair.  Yes she is missing clumps from where she pulls it out during a tantrum.  Yes it is really short in parts where she rubs her head on the floor.  YES I did cut that chunk out.

Ugh.  Wish me luck.

Oh, I just remembered another mishap - again involving Ashlea.  First a little bit of background info to set the scene.  As many of you know Ashlea is a bit of a parrot and repeats word for word LOTS of things she hears.  One of the things she hears is her sister yelling out from the toilet. 

OK, so we are all sitting at the table eating Christmas lunch.  Ashlea is with us in her high chair, babbling away as usual.  The adults are all talking not paying her much attention.  Clearly not happy with this, she yells out in her best sing-songy voice:

I done a POOO-OOOO 

Seeing as no one responded to her call, she repeated it.  Again.  And again.  Until she got the attention she desired.

So, did you have any Christmas mishaps?  If so, please tell!!!


ferfischer said...

I LOVE it. I think this is not the first time you've heard "I stuck Mummy" - I think there was something with the TV? HA! Oh, and I DID get your letter! By Christmas even! LOVE it! I think I threw away the envelope, so I think I still need your address. You know, for next year! It looks like a great christmas and I loved the angel outfits too!

Sarah said...

Ouch, looks like it would hurt too! No mishaps here this year.

Alison said...

Thankfully it didn't actually hurt - it just meant I had to chop her lovely pigtail in half :( Glad you didn't have any mishaps Sarah!!

VMI said...

Glad for that warning - we have one of those little pets and never read the label either. Thanks! And hair grows back - no biggie.

spectrummymummy said...

Oh dear! At least hair can grow back. Both of mine are parrots, and the youngest has just discovered toilet humour too.

Johnna said...

So glad she can tell you when she is "stuck"! I remember her being stuck previously, with no loss of hair. Poor baby! (And poor mom, who had to do the deed with scissors.)

Michelle said...

oh no! Sorry her hair got caught like that! Love that she calls is a Suzie though :) And too funny about the dinner conversation!

Coley said...

Oh my goodness!