Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

As many of you know,  I don't love New Year's Eve.   My inner paranoid pessimist comes to the fore and I start to worry about all the things that might happen in the coming year.  Of course I worry about the bad things that might happen, and forget to think about all the good things that might happen!  Last year I wrote about my hopes and fears for the coming year, and in spite of my paranoia, most of the good things I hoped for happened, and the things I feared didn't happen.

This year I don't have the energy for resolutions or hopes or fears.  I'm just going to stick with my regular plan of not looking too far ahead, and trying to  take each day as it comes I think.

We are still going out to celebrate - in spite of my paranoia about the day!  We are going to the Lord Mayor's Picnic and to see the fireworks - the kids are really excited.  Let me rephrase that, Emma and Audrey are really excited.  Ashlea thinks she is excited because the other girls are - but that is only because she has forgotten what it is like when the fireworks actually go off.  As the fireworks go off, so does she.  Its hard to describe her reaction but try picturing me cuddling a little wild cat - clawing and yowling and writhing in my arms.

Happy New Year to all of you and your families.  I look forward to sharing another year of the ups and downs of life in the land of disability with all of you.  Hopefully we'll all have many more ups than downs!


Sarah said...

I like your idea of not looking too far ahead...but often easier said than done huh!

Happy New Year to you and your gorgeous family x

Anna said...

Happy New Year to you all. Hope you all enjoy the fireworks!!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

happy new year xx you might have already left but waht about some ear muffs for missy?

ferfischer said...

Happy new year - and I too can't look that far ahead - and I think it's a great way to be! Happy new year!