Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preschool Christmas Concert

Yesterday was Ashlea and Audrey's end of year preschool concert. Talk about awesome - BOTH my twins up on the stage, singing the songs and doing the actions.

When Ashlea first saw me from the stage, she started saying "Want a big cuddle Mummy" - her very effective manipulation request for me to pick her up.

Audrey did such a good job with the actions!

This is Ashlea doing the "Oh My Goodness" action.  She's got that one down pat.

And guess who got to 'drive' the fire truck???

Here the girls are receiving their preschool portfolios...

What a great concert, and a great way to end a great year at preschool.  Ashlea has just blossomed through her preschool experience, and the staff have been fantastic with her - particularly her special needs teacher Sue Cook (that's her in all the photos!).

I thought I'd be a lot more emotional at the concert - just the thought of both the girls being up there on the stage was enough to make me teary in the lead up.  On the day though, it was just a delightfully, joyful experience to see them up there.  What a great day - beats Oprah for sure!


Sarah said...

Wow looks like an awesome concert! How cool Ashlea got to be the driver of the fire truck!

So lovely to hear how much Ashlea has enjoyed Preschool this year! x

Lacey said...

Oh my gosh, look at her standing so tall! She looks like she could just walk away!

ferfischer said...

This is so cool -- and I love how far Ashlea has come with these things. I remember you talking about these things ending up in disaster, and this is FAR FROM!

Marie said...

Heck yeah that beats Oprah! So proud for all of you!