Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday: Santa! Present!!

Yesterday we attended the RIDBC Christmas party.  The kids had a great time.

They have a great site, and always put out lots of activities for the children.

This year's entertainment was a reptile show.  I was surprised at how willing Emma and Audrey were to touch the snakes...

I didn't think Ashlea would be that into it - but that was until I realised they had a TURTLE with them.  Ashlea LOVES toy turtles - so she was pretty keen to pat a real live one.

I pat a turtle she told Murray that night.

And of course there was Santa.

I sit on Santa lap she told Murray.

Before we went to the party I asked her some questions to see how much she understood.

Where are we going today?


Who will be there?


What will Santa give you?


Oh yeah - she understands how Christmas parties work!!!

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Oh and for the concerned citizen who was worried I might actually chuck a sickie, this day was made possible by my family-friendly, employer-approved (in advance) leave.


Sarah said...

Looks and sounds great, so glad you were all able to go!

Coley said...

How fun! And what a sweet pic of your girls!

The Henrys said...

Cute pictures!

shopannies said...

how much fun so glad that you were all able to experience

Territory Mom said...

Great photos and so much fun. It's amazing how many words come out during Christmas!!

ferfischer said...

So great! Glad you went!

Belinda said...

So happy to see this post!!!!

Congrats on getting the approved leave day! lol! xx.

Marie said...

LOL! Glad you got the leave and so cool that Ashlea "gets" Christmas parties. Jack does not "get" Christmas or presents just yet although he does now perk up when you say present so that's a start. And how cool that all the girls enjoyed the reptiles too!