Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's here!  It's here!

Our wheelchair accessible cubby house is here!

The girls are all really excited, Ashlea in particular.  She tried very hard to be patient while it was being installed, but for about the last hour of the installation she told me every 30 seconds:
Want to play in cubby, Mummy.
Here it is - that's Ashlea's head in the window - there was no getting her out of there once she was allowed in:

There is no way we would have been able to afford something like this if we had to pay for it ourselves.  After seeing a friend's accessible cubby, we decided to try applying for  FAF funding to cover the cost.  Seeing as we applied for an accessible cubby we received the full $2000 towards the cost (which was $2028 installed - from Playcraft Cubbies).


We had it installed adjacent to the ramp so that Ashlea can access it independently. Even though it is wheelchair accessible (for her chair anyway - I haven't tried any other chairs), she is mostly going to crawl in there as crawling gives her more freedom. You will notice it also has side rails, no ladders (much to Ashlea's horror) and no slippery dips. The idea was for it to be safe for all the children without the need for me to be there every second.

Come inside for some afternoon tea:

Do you like your cubby Ashlea???

Are you sure?

So, who wants to come over for a play?


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Yes please!

Reckon we'd fit six girls in there??

So glad its such a hit...

Awesome use of FAF $.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Ashlea loves the cubby. It looks great.


Ally {mtm} said...


I'm so glad Ashlea loves it! Look at that gorgeous smile in the last photo!! ♥

PS When did her hair get so long!

Anonymous said...

You guys certainly don't do things by halves! We do have a swing that Ad made for the kids but generally: no proper fencing and when the lawn gets mowed it becomes entertainment.

Shazza said...

I'll come with some croissants and my pink teapot in a couple of year's time :(

Sarah said...

Those photos of Ashlea speak volumes as to how the FAF funding works! Her reaction is...Priceless!

Looks great!

Missy said...

LOL!!! Priceless. I just LOVE the last pic of Ashlea! Tell her that Emily and I will be over soon to visit!!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

That is one awesome well deserved cubby! lets see it will take me about 12 hours drive to get there but I promise one day this year. :) Bron

Lacey said...

Oh that is so cute! We want to come over and play in it!!

ferfischer said...

THIS IS SO AWESOME! I totally want to come over to play - this is great! In fact, I wonder if we can do that here? I'm SO happy for all of you - enjoy it!

Rosalie said...

Wow it's awesome!!