Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haircut Day

Its the last week of the school holidays Down Under, so its time to get around to some of those tasks that always get left until the end of the holidays.

Yesterday Emma and Audrey both had eye and dental checks, and after that all 3 girls had their hair cut. 

Hair cut day occurs but once a year in our house, because usually it is really unpleasant and involves much screaming and fussing from Miss Ashlea.  This year however was different.  This year we worked out the key to keeping her happy during a haircut.

It seems that watching episodes of the Night Garden on Mummy's phone is the antidote to haircut grief.  When the hairdresser first started touching Ashlea's hair, Ashlea gave her a look that very clearly said:

Don't touch me, Lady.

But then I said the magic words - Night Garden - and all was forgiven. She sat glued to the screen for the whole time.  Its quite a funny sight actually, because her vision is poor and the iphone screen so small she literally has the screen at the end of her nose.

Unfortunately we still did have to suffer through a tantrum - though not hair cut related.  She totally lost it when I turned the Night Garden off and told her we were going home.

You can't win 'em all, right?

Here are the girls with their new haircuts.

Ashlea with her tidied up piggies:

Audrey wanted to keep her hair long and princess-y.  Here she is giving it an appropriately princess-y flick:

Emma had the most cut off as she refuses to wear it tied back at school. She has to have it short to hopefully not catch the nits that seem to sweep through the class with alarming regularity. Her first words on getting home were I don't like having neat hair, I want to make it messy again.  I obliged by choosing a photo of her that shows her hair returning to its naturally scruffy state.

A surprisingly successful trip to the hairdresser - and the other good news - NO CAVITIES in their teeth and no glasses needed yet (although Audrey will definitely need them for school).

What are your haircut survival tips?


n0thingbuteverything said...

Hair is one of the main ways I comfort myself when I wistfully wish I had a daughter.

With my boys, it's simple. They sit, they suck on a lollypop and dad gets out the shears. It's a number 2 all round then it's a shower. Whole thing over in 20 minutes.

I can't even tie a pony tail and had wild hair as a child. I'd be in dire trouble if I ever had a daughter who wanted braids.

Gorgeous pics, as always of your princesses 3 :-).

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

No good tips here, getting a haircut is akin to torture for Molly...

... I guess if I had a massive hole in my skull I'd freak aout about someone coming near my head with sharp, pointy scissors too.

The best we can do is limit the fallout (i.e the number of witnesses) by doing it at home. I am lucky to have a hairdresser willing to come to us and do the deed.

Your girls all look lovely. Hope they've forgiven me for Monday... ;-)

Lacey said...

Oh Tanner, my autistic child, hates haircuts! I usually do it myself, because boys are easy to do :) I just tell him if he doesn't sit still, I'm going to take him to a professional. That usually does the trick!

Sarah said...

I wish a TV Show would be helpful for Violet! She hates TV. I just tell them to get it over with quick as possible.

They all look gorgeous!

Missy said...

Gorgeous girls, love the Audrey hair flick!
Yes I have downloaded some stuff on my phone for that VERY reason!
MM is great now with her haircut. It was going to the salon for the first time, so that she could look and see what was actually happening that changed it all for us.
Up until that moment we had a friend do it for us in her kitchen!

Belinda said...

Great pics! xx

Lucky for me, Archer loves getting his done.

Maybe because his mum goes every week. lol!

Casey said...

Maddison had her hair cut to Emmas length cos she hated having to wear it up at school. BAD IDEA. We had our first ever case of nits within weeks. She has now been instructed to grow it again and wear it back at school. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! Casey

Rosalie said...

Aww great cuts. But i soo hear you, Deana had her cut today and she has been a pain lol

Alison said...

Casey I really did NOT need to know that!!!

We got through last year with the same haircut and no nits, so hopefully we will be OK. I kind of think that getting nits at school is inevitable though...its just a matter of time!

PS Thanks for your card. I've been meaning to call you - for like a year now.