Monday, January 3, 2011

Picnic Pics

Here are some pics from our New Years Eve.



Sarah said...

Looks like another great New Years @ Lord Mayor's!

We are thinking of booking a hotel room near the city next year so we don't have to drive home as Dave was so stressed driving home the year we went and I wouldn't be any better!

I love the facepainting there, the best I have seen ever!

Alison said...

We would love to do the same! We were just saying if we could get one really close to the gardens one of us could go back there when everyone else walks down to the fireworks. That way the big kids get to have fireworks and Ashlea gets to not freak out!!

Sarah said...

Exactly! I think I will be looking into it asap to hopefully avoid disappointment.

Anna said...

Amazing photos!!!

Marie said...

Beautiful. Looks like y'all had lots of fun right up to the fireworks. What about headphones? Would Ashlea wear those? Jack doesn't like them but a good friend of ours has a son who is VERY sensitive to sounds and he wears headphones and is even able to enjoy monster truck rallies with them.