Friday, January 28, 2011


Sorry for all the faffing about with the blog!

I decided to take up Sarah's suggestion and use the girls' new haircut pictures as my blog header. I of course then decided to change the width of the columns on the blog to fit the picture, which altered the formatting on a heap of posts, which really annoyed me so I edited some, which is why it looks like I've been making lots of changes (if you subscribe to posts).

So, sorry about that!

I'm not sure about the green theme, but I thought it matched all the green in the header.

I added some new links to blogs I find funny too ---->


Missy said...

wow...what a difference those pics make! Have to say I adored your other ones as well but what these gorgeous pics clearly show is just how grown up your gorgeous girls!!

Sarah said...

I love the new blog! and I love that you put those photos in the header!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I love the new pics too of your 3 beautiful girls. I always go through blog changes it's kind of refreshing and I adore yours xx

Rosalie said...

Aww lovely pics, they are adorable.

Anna said...

Love the blog changes!! Looks great!