Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I heart preschool

Preschool is going so well for Ashlea at the moment.

On Friday she did so well that Mrs Cook made her a certificate acknowledging how many new things she tried that day.  How precious are these certificates - so rare and hard won. Apparently Ashlea:

  • walked in her kaye walker
  • climbed the ladder and slid down the slide
  • kicked a ball
  • rode a hobby horse
  • crawled with a lot of other children
  • played crawling hide and seek with 2 children
  • named pictures
  • identified starting sounds
  • made a spatter painting
  • sat in her new preschool chair

The thing on that list that warms my heart the most is hearing how the other children were playing and interacting with Ashlea.  Apparently Ashlea was crawling on the floor and a bunch of other kids started crawling with her.  When she stopped and rolled over - as she does regularly - they would all stop and roll over too.  How cute.  One of the teachers got a little moment of it on film for me but I don't think I can show it as we all just signed a waiver saying we wouldn't post pics of other people's kids on the web.  Sigh.

When I arrived at preschool pickup, one little boy said to me:

She's a very fast crawler!

How gorgeous.  No comment about her wheelchair or walker, just about how good a crawler she was.



Missy said...

I heartyour preschool too...I heart the kiddies in your preschool, they are simply gorgeous!
Makes my heart melt....

Congrats to Ashlea on such a big list of achievements!! WOO HOO!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

I heart preschool too.

And really miss those awesome days.

Glad to see she is making the most of this precious time.

Big hugs to you both, especially during the long wait for result on the bloods...

Susan xx

PS: still think of you each Monday when Miss W & I wander thru, and often play at, Fred Kelly Place.

Carl said...

Glad it's going great!

Belinda said...

Awesome is correct!

Great to read this! xx.

E. said...

Well done Ashlea. Glad that preschool is going well.

Lacey said...

Wow, that pic of her, she looks so old! She's growing up before my eyes, what a big girl!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Ashlea what an awesome list of achievements all in one session! amazing.I hope you are so very proud of yourself and so fantastic that the preschool is so naturally inclusive. xo

Marc Bonagura said...

This needs a "like" button! :)

inkyed said...

Wow, her day sounds exhausting LOL. So great to hear how well it is going and how everything Ashlea related is just so darn normal to the other kids.

ferfischer said...


Anna said...

That is fantastic!! Sounds like a great preschool!!

susan said...

Mrs Cook sounds like a beautiful person.

Sarah said...

Gotta love preschool! Well done Ashlea!

Funny...Violet's teachers aides name is Miss Cook.