Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I like to sing!!

I may have mentioned before that Ashlea likes the sound of her own voice. She constantly sings and chatters and babbles away. Not quietly either.  Here she is singing 5 Little Ducks - although she changes it to 5 Little Pinky Ponks. As you can see she is in fine voice!

Of course when the loud noise is coming from her it's OK, but when it is someone else's loud noise - watch out.  We have just started some private OT sessions to help with Ashlea's sensory issues.  The OT uses a therapy called 'floortime'.  I have no idea what it's about really - but am happy to try whatever the OT suggests. Have any of you tried it?  I think it was designed for children with autism, and seeing as Ashlea has many of the same sensory issues these children have, I'm hoping it will be good for her.

We are also going to try a type of auditory desensitisation - which involves Ashlea wearing headphones for half an hour a day.  It could take a whole year of therapy to get her to keep the headphones on for half a minute - but we're determined to give it a go!  She has a CD of fairy music that she loves to listen to, so to try and get her used to the headphones I have told her she can ONLY listen to it through the headphones.  So far she hasn't actually put them on her head - but hopefully she is getting used to the idea of them.  She will even touch them now - but they're still not allowed anywhere near her head!

I'll keep you posted on how we go with that.


Carl said...

Good luck! Singing is okay, in moderation anyway.

Sarah said...

Love her singing facials, so cute!

Good luck with the headphones...Violet hates her head being touched too.

ferfischer said...

Have fun with that!!! Keep us posted!