Monday, February 14, 2011

They have our blood...

Today Murray, Ashlea and I had blood taken for cross matching to see if one of us is a good match to give Ashlea a kidney.

Neither Murray nor I are particularly good with blood tests, so when we saw how many vials they needed from each of us we nearly fainted on the spot. That picture above is the vials required for one person.

We had an amazing blood collector (Bernadette for those who go to CHW) who got the needle into the right spot the first time on all of us.  Murray has good veins so he was all done in under 5 minutes.  Even Ashlea only took about 10 minutes.  Of course my veins are crap and kept collapsing so I ended up having 6 blood draws over about 40 minutes to be able to get the whole amount.  The good news is that no one fainted, although Murray and I were both close and had to come home and have a lie down (and at one point the nurse made a volunteer stand behind me during the collection 'just in case').  Ashlea is much tougher than both of us and was back to her usual self within 5 minutes.

Now for the hard part - waiting for the results.  We were told it will take 2 - 3 weeks.  You all know that patience is not a virtue of mine so this part won't be easy.

Ashlea also had her regular blood work done today which showed her creatinine is still on the rise - I was kind of hoping it would have stabilised.

Today's results:

Creatinine: 341 (high)
Urea: 16 (high)
Hb: 129 (normal)
Sodium: 142 (normal)
Potassium: 4.2 (normal)

Since this time last year her creatinine has gone from 210 to 246, then 277 and now 341.

When her creatinine rose to 277 in December that pushed her GFR down to 13.  I think this last rise pushes it down to around 10.  Definitely end stage renal failure now.

The numbers don't lie.

Transplant here we come.


bluffska said...

How can people be tested to see if they can donate? Do you have to just go to your GP and request the tests or do you have to be asked? Just made me wonder about all the people on dialysis waiting for a donor and all the people with a spare kidney ;-)

Alison said...

Bluffska - I don't think you can just go and ask your GP. The Renal Treatment Centre that is treating Ashlea has organised our testing with the Blood Bank. Usually to give a living organ donation you would know the person and your organ would go to them. Not sure what would happen if you just fronted up and said you wanted to give one to a stranger on the list??? I'm sure the stranger would be thrilled though!

bluffska said...

Well yeah that's what I thought, but there is a registry somewhere for something like that isn't there? Or I might be getting confused with something to do with blood donations, I used to donate all the time and because I did if regularly they once asked me if I would go a step further for something-can't remember what but it was tissue typing for something, just wondering that's all, will be standing by when you get your results :-)

Sarah said...

Oh Alison, that wait is torturess!

Sorry to hear you had trouble with the bloods, that sounds like you were a pin cushion by the end of it.

Those latest results are the last thing you wanted to hear, thinking of you all x

Missy said...

Alison, while I wish you werent having to go down the transplant road at all, I do pray that one of you are a match for Ashlea, so that she receive her transplant...
Thinking of you all in this stressful two week wait.

Belinda said...

Thinking of you all over the next couple of weeks! Hoping you get results you are after.

Patience? Who has this?????

Love to all. xx.

n0thingbuteverything said...

I am not great with bloods either. I will be keeping fingers, toes and all else crossed that you get a match and you get news sooner rather than later.

Marie said...

We've been crazy busy here and boy do I mean crazy! I just did a quick catch up. The girl's new haircuts are great. They are all looking so much more grown up.

I think of you and your family often even if I'm not checking in as often as I would like.

I'll be saying special prayers for Ashlea and for you as well.

ferfischer said...

Oh gosh - that makes it more real huh? I'll be thinking of you guys as you get the results.