Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Year Developmental Assessments

Today Audrey and Ashlea had their 5 year assessments at RPA.

How has it been 5 years since we were there?



I find it very hard to go back to the NICU physically without going back emotionally too.  The first thing that hits you when you go in is the smell of chlorhexidine - and with that suffocating smell comes all the memories.  I seriously feel like I can't breath when I'm in there.

A lot of the nursing staff have changed since we were there, but today we managed to see our neonatologist and two nurses who looked after the girls.  They weren't just any nurses either - they were both very significant in the care of Ashlea - and Murray and I.  It was lovely to see them - and for them to see Ashlea doing so well.  The best part was that I had prepared in advance for our visit and taken the Kaye walker with us.  Normally I don't take it when we're out because Ashlea isn't very stable in it, but this is probably Ashlea's last ever opportunity to go into the nursery and I can tell you there is no way I was wheeling her in.

She walked in.

My Ashlea walked into the nursery.

The very same nursery where she nearly died and where they predicted such dire things for her future.

She walked in and visited her doctor and 2 of our favourite nurses.

She walked in and said hello to them.

It was one of those moments that only lasted a few seconds but the impact was huge.  For me anyway.  For Ashlea it was just another hospital appointment.  But for me it was indescribable.

Both my babies walked into the nursery today.

Enough said.  Who gives a rats about what the reports say?  Who cares how badly Ashlea scored on any assessment - she walked into the nursery.

When I get the reports I will let you all know how the girls did, but for today I am just going to savour this moment.

Both my girls walked in to the nursery.

The icing on the cake was that their doctor commented on how they still look so much alike in spite of their different circumstances.  I could have kissed him.


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison I am thrilled for you to have had that moment and you are right in that Ashlea is already who she is independent of silly checklist reports.
I have also been thinking how much alike the girls are looking in recent pics but I can do without the smooch! ;) well done.

Missy said...

Oh Alison, those photos...they truly show just how tiny your precious girls were and it gave me goosebumps to see these and read your emotions and feelings about Ashlea and Audrey WALKING into the nursery.

I am beaming with pride for Ashlea as well!

Big hugs to Audrey too xxx

Sarah said...

I agree, those photos really hit home how far they have both come.

It would have a huge moment watching them both walk into the nursery.

The Taylor Family said...

Such a proud moment and I totally get how you would love hearing how similar they look! Well done to you all. Rach xox

Belinda said...

I am so happy for you for such a huge moment!

It is awesome!

Love to you all! Xx

Lacey said...

I see those pics and I can't believe they even survived! How nice to be able to "walk" in and say hello to everyone. They truly are miracles!

E. said...

What a momentous occasion! Well done to you all. You have all come such a very long way.

I look at those photos and am amazed at your journey (I sound like someone form the Biggest Loser) and at how you havemanaged to cope and share it with us all.

ferfischer said...

OMG OMG OMG! I am so excited for you I could pee my pants. :)

I would have walked them into the nursery too - I can't believe how much I have seen in just the few years I've been following you as well.

I also LOVE it when they say how much my girls look alike too. :)

Anonymous said...

You'll get sick of me making comments and comparing my twin boys to your twin girls...the similarities are uncanny. Severe TTTS, guided by Dr Greg Kesby, born at RPA 5 yrs ago. An emergency c-section, babies not seen for hours, not held for days/weeks. And now, one twin with relatively no challenges and the other with many. Jacob is beginning to try out a Kaye walker and my dream would be for him to walk into RPA NICU.
Your news today is wonderous. Yayyy Ashlea and Audrey. Tremendous steps.
Love to you and your family
How proud you all must be

Alison said...

Thanks everyone - it was a great moment.

Kat - where do you live??? We SO need to meet!!

karina said...

It simply can't be 5 years already! Oh how I remember literally crying out to God for them in those pregnancy & NICU days. You've all come a LONG way!

love you!

Kat Carroll said...

Hi Alison, we live in Engadine. I have 4 boys, 5yrs and under. There are several challenges between them.
I would love to meet up sometime.
Our email address is