Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How long do you think it will last???

I have been introducing my big girls to the joy of chores.

The other day they got to unpack the dishwasher.  Their response??

Emma:  This is the BEST ever.
Audrey: Can we do this EVERY day?
Emma:  I wish we got to do the REAL cleaning!

Somehow I think the novelty will wear off, but I am enjoying having enthusiastic helpers while it lasts.  How long do you think I've got??


Missy said...

hahahahah....rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter!!!

I hope it lasts for a long time but alas I know from personal experience I have a child who is personally counting the days until his siblings are old enough to take on the responsibility of the dishwasher unpacking!

However I have found they do anything for a bit of gold coinage!!!

Amanda Daybyday said...

I had a day! But that's with boys, so I bet you can squeeze a week out of it!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

love it! great job girls! my kids love cleaning too which I adore! xo hope they continue it for a long long time!

Sarah said...

Yeah all I can say is enjoy it while it lasts...

ferfischer said...

AWESOME! Buy them little cheap kits and give prizes - who knows, you might get lucky!