Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I fall over

On Sunday Ashlea decided that it would be fun to try and let go while standing in her walker.

You can guess how it all ended can't you?

See that concrete ground in the background?


She fell.

Face first onto the concrete.  Fortunately her arms - which she was waving out in front of her - broke her fall so all she came away with was a grazed elbow.

The 3 adults - who were within arms reach at the time and still didn't manage to catch her - may have had minor coronaries.

Fortunately this was all that was required to make her feel better:

Had any sickening moments like that?


Anna said...

Had one on the weekend. David was meant to be watching Ryley but had turned away to talk to someone. Ryley was standing on the ladder of the slide and had let go. I was about 50 metres away and could see he was about to fall. Just as I yelled out to David he feel straight back. He was absolutely fine, but I nearly had a coronary and if all our friends weren't around, I would have screamed at David. All ok though. I could tell you a million stories of sickening moments.
I think I tend to panic more when it comes to Ryley though. Usually unnecessarily too. Can't help it though!!
Glad Ashlea is ok!

Mo said...

Sure have. My daughter had to be taught and learn those protective instincts that come naturally to others. She used to fall like a tree, straight over or forward, with no arms outreached to break a fall. It was terrifying. Thankfully, that is much better today.

On another note, you all are in my thoughts as transplant makes its way into your lives. Praying it will be the absolute best for your sweet girl.

Sarah said...

We have numerous all the time. The one sticks with me most is when the Physio at Cerebral Palsy Alliance put Violet on a physio ball and let go of her (thinking she could do this on her own!) Of course she can not, I think Emily at 10 has enough trouble leaning over those on her own.

Well, needless to say it happened all very quickly, she fell straight off onto her head and on her shunt! I was so annoyed and said to physio "why did you do that?" and reported her to the manager of the cerebral palsy alliance, who was very apologetic.

Sarah said...

Oh and I have to add, I do love seeing that first photo of Ashlea letting go of her walker.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

The photo is awesome. The fall not so much.

Really want me to answer your question?

Think small girl with big hole in skull (not wearing helmet) & shunt falling off a chair at her early intervention playgroup, within reach of 3 adults who all know her really really well.

Sounds like most of us have been there... :-/

Jacqui said...

All the time - but not always with Moo. Scrappy attracts injury.

Belinda said...

Love the photo!

I get the heebie jeebies and expect the worst all the time! Nothing major as yet here, BUT I have been known to try and protect kids I don't even know in situations in which they are fine but I see danger! lol.

n0thingbuteverything said...

I was so excited when I saw the photo!! Even if it was just for a second, look how straight and tall she's standing. WOW!
Bummer that it ended with a fall. We've had plenty, plenty, plenty. Thank goodness for our chiropractor who helps keep S in good shape. These days my bigger problem comes from the PUSHES (both accidental and not) from M and baby A....SIGH!

ferfischer said...

Oh gosh - I think she is just so cute! What a brave girl to let go! Just think, this is like when our other kids learned to walk, it's just that Ashlea has farther to fall! Gorgeous, though!