Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to the Grind

School holidays are over and we are back into the grind of daily routine.


We had a very quiet school holidays - just hanging out at home, staying in our pyjamas waaay too long each day, and occasionally going to the shops or the movies.  It was very nice.

We are back in full swing now.

I have the remainder of my kidney testing next week.  On Monday I have a DMSA (renal scan with radioactive isotopes), and on Tuesday I have the Glucose Tolerance Test and an ECG.  The following Wednesday (11th May) I see the renal physician who will make the big pronouncement - Yes or No - on whether I can donate.

It will be a big week for results.  We should also get back Emma and Audrey's blood results for their coeliac studies.  Poor Emma did not do well at the blood test.  It would seem she has inherited the double whammy - my difficult veins and Murray's predisposition for fainting at blood tests.  You should have seen the colour drain from her little face as she said to me "Mummy I don't feel very good".  Fortunately we were able to lay her down in time - poor little chicken.

We were meant to get a great many things accomplished during the holidays - including 2 full weeks of brushing therapy for Ashlea.  Unfortunately we fell off that wagon fairly early on - I kept forgetting between the busyness of botox, appointments and being radioactive.

Oh well, plenty of time to start that tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or ...  sometime.


Love Ella said...

Oh Alison the old brushing therapy....I feel your the end we gave up with Ella, it was more stressful than the stress we were trying to alleviate! Hope all goes well with the kidney stuff,

Missy said...

Hope we can break up some of your daily grind next week!

Good luck for tests next week xxx

Belinda said...

Hope all goes well with the testing. Xx

Sarah said...

Will be thinking of you for your next lot of tests this week and also on getting the coeliac results for Emma and Audrey x