Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Developmental Assessments

I received the girls' developmental assessments in the mail today.  They really didn't tell me much at all.  Why am I always surprised by that???

Audrey's assessment showed that she is pretty much smack bang in the middle for everything they tested.  They did however point out that 53% of extremely preterm infants go on to have learning difficults regardless of intelligence so I guess that is something to watch out for at school.

Ashlea's report said that her capacity to learn exceeds her physical abilities and that she would be best placed in a supported unit for school next year - which is what I told them I wanted it to say so we can apply for her to be in the physical support unit at our local school for kindergarten.  The report specifiied physical support class over intellectual support so that was good - that is what we want.

Emma had parent-teacher interviews last week too so I can even give you an update on her.  She is acing maths and average at everything else.  Its funny - I thought that because she's a girl she would take after me at school - good at reading and average at everything else.  She seems to take after her dad - who has a freakishly intelligent brain for maths (used to be a member of MENSA) but struggled with reading and comprehension.

It's funny how in the early days I would hang on every word of the girls's assessments.  The results could determine the course of my mood and would often trigger that sense of grief and loss.  Now I just think WHO CARES.  It's just a piece of paper.  It will be useful for our school application but that is all.

I think we can safely say I've made progress!

In other news.... it's 3 days until the school holidays!  I can't wait.  I've got the second week off work - who wants to come over for a cuppa and a play in the cubby???


Anna said...

Would love to come over for a cuppa and a play in the cubby. If only you didn't live so far away!!

Lacey said...

My hubby is the math whiz too! Me, I can't even help my elementary kids with their math! Yikes!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh that invitation sounds so tempting...but a 12 hour drive does not!...so glad you feel at ease with what's written on paper and can truly enjoy what you see in front of you xo love to you all.

Sarah said...

Very true, it will be great for the school app.

I will get back to you about the catch up as the hospital will be doing Violet's dressings during the hols too but will be keen if I can squeeze it in x