Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little Blossom

Here is a picture of my little blossom sitting among the blossoms.

It's Autumn here and the jasmine next door is dropping its flowers into our yard.

Sounds pretty doesn't it.  You should probably know that we don't do garden maintenance in our house, so said jasmine is 4 or 5 metres high and completely out of control.  For a couple of weeks a year though it makes for fun photos.

And yes I do confess to staging the photo.  Ashlea's hair was brushed in anticipation, and I do confess to throwing blossoms at my child to get them in the photo with her.  

An un-staged photo usually turns out something a little more like this...

Gives new meaning to the term 'bad hair day' doesn't it.


E. said...

Great photo's! And what is wrong with staging? School photo's are on at Girl Child's school today and there were so many kids last this morning. Apparently lots of parents were trying to make their children look respectable. Especially us!

Sarah said...

Cool photos!

I think your blossom is adorable! x