Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Level of Cheekiness

Ashlea is turning into a cheeky little monkey.

Yesterday Murray took Emma and Audrey to the movies.  While they were watching Rio, my sister and I went shopping with Ashlea.

After awhile Ashlea got bored and wanted to go home.  We weren't ready to leave yet - mainly because we were out shopping for her birthday present and hadn't bought her anything yet.

Ashlea whined for a bit. She grizzled and threw herself back in the wheelchair.

She tried saying it's time to go home repeatedly.

When none of these things worked she decided to yell.

Not just random yelling though.  Clever yelling.

Stop It she yells.

Let go of me.


All I need her to learn to say now is you're not my mummy and we'll be in real trouble!!!


C... said...

Just stumbled onto your blog ... that's cute that she's yelling that. That could be awkward.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

She is hilarious! not funny for you but so clever for her to get attention of everyone and get out of there! I might use that next time I am forced to go shopping ;)

Sarah said...

She is so funny!

Missy said...

Oh she is tooooo funny! I just can't believe how funny Ashlea is! She completely cracks me up! She has now discovered the easiest way to get out of things she does not like doing!!!