Saturday, April 23, 2011

Preliminary Results...

I managed to speak to the transplant co-ordinator on Thursday afternoon and get some preliminary results from my kidney tests last week.

My blood work isn't all back, but my basic kidney function tests are.  My creatinine is 65 (normal - Ashlea's is 387) and my urea is 2.9 (normal - Ashlea's is 20).

The nuclear medicine scan of my kidneys - which I think is called a MAG3 - showed that my kidneys are working very nicely thank you very much.  My GFR is 111.  Anything over 90 is good. I think the 111 is 111ml/min - the rate at which my kidneys filter.  Ashlea's GFR is around 9.

It also appears from the CT scans that I have only one artery and vein to each kidney.  This is a good thing because it makes the surgery easier and also means that the artery is more likely to be nice and big.  If you have more than one artery or vein they can be smaller and therefore more susceptible to clotting - which can result in part of the kidney not surviving after transplant.

The only thing that did show up as a little unusual is that my kidneys are not sharing the load equally.  My left kidney is larger and does more of the work - it does 64% and the right, smaller kidney does 36%.  I thought this may count me out straight away, but the co-ordinator said that it should be OK, and that they would take the smaller kidney for Ashlea.  I hope they are right and that my smaller kidney will be enough for her.  In a way it would be a bit of a relief knowing that I will be retaining two thirds of my kidney function.

Of course because of this discrepancy they want to double check the result so I am going to have another (different) nuclear medicine scan - a DMSA.  They will inject me with another isotope and then wait for my kidneys to absorb it.  Once absorbed they can scan the kidneys to see how they are working.

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, seeing as these aren't the final, official results....but...I am kind of thinking at this point that I am IN.  My kidneys are working well, they are not so unbalanced as to rule me out, the CT scan was normal, the blood work appears normal so far.... I just need to pass the Glucose Tolerance Test and have an ECG.  I am not expecting to fail either of those.... so I am starting to think.....this might actually happen!


Sarah said...

Preliminary results are sounding very positive.

Hope your next nuclear scan has good results.

Will be thinking of you x

Ally {mtm} said...

It all sounds really positive Alison!

Good luck with the remaining tests and the official results, I still have everything crossed for you all xx

Belinda said...

This is sounding really good Alison!

I'm hoping so! Xx